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Lynx Chocolate. -Drools-

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Q: What is a good BODY spray-- I've heard that TAG is a good one---- is it good or not ------ I've also heard that RGX is okay--- tell me what body spray is good for MEN and i prefer NOT AXE.?
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Where can you buy crystal body natural deodorant spray?

Crystal Body Natural deodorant spray can be ordered from as well as There is also a product called PitRok which is an amazing natural crystal deodorant solid. They also have a spray, which can be found at

What types of body sprays does the Body Shop produce?

The Body Shop produces a wide variety of body sprays. A popular spray is their Body Mist which comes a range of fragrances such as coconut and mango. The Body Shop also produces body sprays for men, including the Maca Root deodorant spray.

Who is the native girl in the axe commercial?

There are many girls in the various Axe body spray commercial. One of the actresses in the Axe body spray commercials is Chandler Darby. She has also done various movies.

What is inside of a spray can?

spray can intestines (also known as spray paint)

Why have the locks on your Ford Fiesta gone stiff?

spray some w40 in them,works a treat. I prefer Duck Oil. A squirt of this also stops freezing up in Winter!

What kinds of body cleansers does Bath and Body Works carry?

They carry body wash, body gel, body spray, perfume, and many other kinds of body cleansers. You can also find a wide variety or body lotions and hand soaps as well.

Where do you get empty perfume and body spray bottles?

Many antique stores and flea markets sell them. You can also get them online at places such as Ebay.

How do you get Sharpie marker stains out of a color shirt?

Try hair spray. I've also heard of using rubbing alcohol but haven't personally tried it. -- Carol Cleanicity Founder

How are the colors in the sun light mixed?

heard about that the sun have 7 color like a rainbow especially i heard about that human body is join with 7 numbers and animal also

What materials does Banksy use?

spray paint,sometimes normal paint and also the make of the spray is krylon spray paint.

What is the best wave enhancing spray for my hair?

I have some really good wave spray that I bought at the Sally Beauty Supply store. It's by Coloresse Fade Protection System, and its in a really light green bottle that says Curl Spray. It doesn't make your hair "curly" because its not strong enough, but its definitely enough to make your hair wavy. There's also some other good products for wavy hair witht he other curly Coloresse products; like the spray gel mist, ect. I'm the asker of this question. Thank you very much. I also heard of Garnier Fructis Wonder Wave Enhancing Spray and one by Oscar Blandi. Have you tried or heard of these? Message me at Tedroxie0222.

How do you stay smelling good all day?

Well, of course shower and wear clean clothes! But there are also some other tips for smelling good all day: -wear deodorant -brush your teeth and tongue (bad smells can be coming from your mouth) -spray body spray or perfume on your body and clothing (body spray wears off quickly, so put it on your clothing so it has something to cling to) If you follow these, you should be smelling better!

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