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1:12 or under is really good time for a girl in 7 grade

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Q: What is a good 400m time for a grade 7 girl?
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Is 78 seconds a good 400m dash time for an 11 yr old sixth grade girl?

Yes when an eleven year old girl can do dash time in 78 seconds of 400m it is good timing. It really just depends on the health of the person and how good they are at doing it.

What is good time for 400m 14 year old girl?

usually around 1.09-1.12.

What is a good 400m time for u13 boy?

i am 13 and i got 57 for 400m

What is a good 400m time for an 8th grade boy?

1 min 10 seconds would be very good, one minute twenty seconds also ok

What is a fast time for 400m hurdles for a high school girl?

I'm a sophomore and I am ranked #1 in my section, my PR is a 65.4, which is pretty good.

What is a good 400 meter time for an eighth grade girl?

Well it depends are you on JV or Varsity? Varisity: If you can run it in 60 secs then that's really good for a middleshooler. If you can run the 400 in 65 secs that's decent but not all that great anything above that is bad . These are all varsity times s0o0o if your not getting these times right now I wouldn't sweat you'll improve for sure in the next 4 yearsSo for my team the top 400 runner (on varsity) runs about a 57 and she's really good and in HS. For middle school, I would say about a 75 is a good starting point if your running for JVNo no, for 8th grade girls a 1:05 - 1:10 is good, the record for our county middle school 400m is a 1:03.98. If you are running a minute 400m as an 8th grade girl, wow.. you're really good. I run the 400m and I'm in 7th grade and ran a 1:08 as my best.Good Luck!

What is the average time to run a 400meter in 8th grade I run a 54.96sec and i think that is good but im not sure?

that's a really good time for eighth grade girl. that's probably average for a guy though. i am in eighth grade and im a girl and i run it in 1:07

What would be the average time of a 7th grader on a 400M?

well my daughter is eleven and she does a minute nineteen (she is best in her elementary school) but she is fifth grade. so for seventh grade an average is probably about one minute five seconds or under if you are good.

What is a good 400 meter time for a grade 9 boy?

58-60 seconds. A good time for a girl would be 62-64

What is the average time for a 12 year old girl to run a 400m?

about 1:05-1:20

What time is good for a 11 year old boy 400m?

i got 1:01

What is a good time in the 400 meter dash for a 7th grade girl?

Somewhere in the sixty second range

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