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a good time is between 1:07 and 1:00. My time currently is 1:06 about. I am 13 and I swim year round though. Your time is really good.

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Q: What is a good 100 yard freestyle time for a 13 year old girl my time now is a 1 03?
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What is a good time for A 9 year old girl in 25 yard freestyle swim?

I would say a low 15 to be competitive even maybe a 14 to win.

What is the fastest 25 yard freestyle for 10 year old girl?


I ma a 14 year old girl and in a 25 yard pool is a 27 an ok time for a 50 freestyle?

27 seconds is a great time for a 50 freestyle. your time also depends on wether your a competitive swimmer or not if you are not you should be! dats a pretty good time! check for the a, aa, aaa, aaaa times if your a competitive swima!

What is an average 50 yard freestyle time for 8 year old boy?

Thirty seconds

What is a good time for freestyle swimming for a man?

A good time depends on a lot of different things. Like how long the event is and how old you are. If you are thinking of only a 50 yard freestyle (down and back in 25 yard pool) a good time for a high school swimmer would be between 23 seconds-25 seconds. A great time is between 20 seconds- 22 seconds. If you are a college swimmer however a good time would be about 20-21 and a great time is around 18-20 (phelps does around a 16-17)

What is the 50 yard freestyle swimming record?


What is a 200 yard freestyle?

A two-hundred yard freestyle is an event at a swim meet in which the swimmer will swim the freestyle stroke back and forth across a normal pool four times (twice across, twice back).

How does a thirteen year old girl swim a good 200 yard freestyle?

Pointers: Keep your head down, kick hard, move arms fast, limit breaths, good start and flipturns. If you are doing a 200, with awful turns, you will be bad.

When is a good time for yard sales?

Spring time.

What is a good store to get a freestyle bike for less then 200 dollars?

At that price, you're unlikely to get anything good from a store. Try Ebay, craigslist, or yard sales instead.

When was swimming first played at the commonwealth games?

Swimming was first held at the Commonwealth Games at the first-ever Edition in 1930. The program consisted of 11 events (6 for men and 5 for women). Joyce Cooper (England) won four of the five Women's Events: 100 yard freestyle, 400 yard freestyle, 100 yard backstroke and 4x100 yard freestyle relay.

What is the fastest time for 25 yard freestyle?

There are no 25 yard events event at the international level. Typically only very young swimmers (12 years and under) swim 25 yard events. However, given that the world record for the 50 yard freestyle is 18.47 (set by Cesar Cielo at the 2008 NCAA Championships), I would guess that the fastest 25 yard free ever swum would be 9.0 seconds or faster.

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