What is a golf slice?

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Slice is when the ball curves to the right when it is hit.

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Q: What is a golf slice?
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Sport with slice and bogey?


Is there a club that will help me with my slice?

A club called Edwin Watts Golf Club could help you on your slice.

What does a golf ball loaf bread and pie have in common?


What is a banana golf ball?

A "banana ball" in golf is an uncontrollable slice. A slice is a shot that curves in the air hard from left to right (for right-handers). It is common among beginners and high-handicap players.

What is the difference between slice and hook in golf?

a slice occurs when you take a diagonal backswing. it results in the pulling of the ball harshly to the right. a hook results oppositely.

What kind of golfer should use Off-set golf clubs?

Off set golf clubs are for the player who tends to slice the ball, the offset encourages a draw so it will straighten out the slice. Any player of any ability can use them but usually the higher handicap player will use them.

What does slicing the golf ball mean?

Slice: A slice is when the ball is left of the target and then curves sharply to the right for a right-handed player, like the shape of a banana. For beginning golfers this is the typical outcome of most shots. A severe slice is commonly refurred to as a banana ball.

Would a stiffer golf shaft hook or slice more - Exactly the same shaft except for flex?

A golf shaft which is too stiff will cause a slice. This is because the shaft is too stiff for you to square the club face at impact. You can get custom fit to see which flex is best for you, as a shaft which is not fitted correctly can affect your game.

What is cut in golf?

"Cut" in golf, describes the shape of the golf shot. For a right handed golfer, a cut would go from left to right, and for a left handed golfer, the cut shot goes from right to left. The shape is a gradual one, otherwise it is referred to as a slice.

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What is best golf driver for person who slices?

A high lofted one around 10.5 plus, with a regular shaft. Or an offset one, the offset will correct your slice.

How do you cure a slice in golf?

Make sure you are aimed properly, this means having feet and shoulders parallel to the target and the club face is square at address. The most common cause of a slice is an open club face at impact, make sure you square the club face at impact. Also, if you are using a shaft which is too stiff for you, you may slice.

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