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a go kart is a low-to-the-ground vehicle, most of the time they are about 6hp they are usually for racing and offroading.

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Q: What is a go-kart?
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What is hams gokart color on binweevils?


Can you drive a Gokart on the road?

On a public road, no not legally.

How do get a gokart in bully?

You cannot automatically get a go kart in the game bully. You have to win 5 races in the gokart races at the carnival. Then you can unlock the cityraces and get to race them in the city. To go there go to the trophy picture on the map.

Can a 10 years old boy can drive a gokart?


How do you make a gokart go faster round corners?

You drift

Do you need a drivers licence to drive a Gokart?

On private property, no.

How fast will 200cc gokart go?

It will reach around 20-30mph.

How do you make a gokart that runs off the hopes and dreams of orphans?

use their souls!

Can you convert a snowblower engine into a gokart?

ALL you have to do is SUCK your own DICK. haha

How do you make a fast gokart?

You learn about small two stroke engines and how to tune and maintain them.

Where to find a cocart on GTA SA?

You can find a gokart when you have done a mission in Los Santos. I don't know the name of this mission. you can do this mission after you done missions in Las venturas. I know that you must chase up OG Loc with an vortex and then with a gokart. after this mission a gokart can be find at maddogs mansion , behind Zero's shop , Angel Pine ,... And a vortex can be find in las venturas at the hotel called 'mens in pants' or something. its behind the ship.

How fast would a 5.5hp off road go kart go?

how fast will a 5.5hp go on a small gokart

What is the best pipe to build a gokart?

3/4 inch steel pipe if making a strong double layer frame.

Who invented the go kart?

Art Ingels invented the gokart in 1957 and took the first test drive in the Rose Bowl parking lot.

What is the purpose of a governor on a dirt bike?

The same purpose for a govenor on a quad or a gokart. to give it the speed you want on it and no have it go fast to where you cant handle it.

What is the cheat for the gokart on san Andres?

once you have driven one in a mission there is alway one availiable at the back door of Madd dogs cribb

How do you put an engine on a regular go kart?

u start by putting the engine on the gokart then its should have 4 bolts on the bottom u screw them on with a Allen wrench

How much would it cost to fix a gokart?

Depends on what needs to be fixed. Could be $50 or could be $1000. If its a couple of average fixes I would say around $300

How fast would a gokart with a kx 125 engine be?

it depends on your gearing for top speed and the shape of the engine (when was rebuilt, etc). I own an CRG with a Kx125 engine and I can easily get over 100MPH.

Where can someone purchase tires for go karts?

You can purchase Go-Kart tires online from the GoKart USA or GoKartParts websites. You can also purchase Go-Kart tires online from retailers such as Amazon.

How do you fix a fox 50cc silver streak go-kart?

The engine probably failed you might as well got to silver-streak-gokart-engine-american-sportworks.aspx they have a kit to replace the defective engine.

What Copii games are available at Miniclip?

Some Copii games that are feature on MiniClip include "Kiwi Tiki", "GoKart Nitro" and "Zombie Karts". Also featured are "Slime Lab 2", "Rocket Pets" and "Super Stock".

250cc gokart that wont start what should you do?

it could be many problems but it is most likely the carburetor. check the lines for cuts and if that is fine you should open the top and prime it by pouring gas into the carburetor, just a small amount.

How can you drive in bully the game?

You can not drive in the game bully. You can only ride a bike or a scooter. I heard of a special glitch then puts you inside a driving car, but i am not sure if it is true. no! No! who ever said that there wrong! you can also use a gokart

Will a washing machine engine work in a gokart?

In UK a typical washing machine engine is about 1 horse power and runs on mains voltage (240V rms AC). I guess it could work but wouldn't be very efficient.