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a free chat line is a communication system which either opposite or same sex man and or woman chat about sex as a point of discussion. both can talk freely and may reach to orgasm and may desire to have sex

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Q: What is a free chat line for?
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How do free chat line numbers appear on your phone bill?

Free chat line numbers appear on your phone bill because free chat line numbers refer to free trials. Most likely, you had exceeded the length of the trial and were charged for the amount exceeded.

Is there another chat line like fono chat for free?

puado conoser amigos aki

What is a free chat line?

A chat line is a phone dating service. Popular chatlines include QuestChat, Livelinks and Fonochat. Chatlines usually offer a 30 minute free trial. You can find access numbers for chatlines at

How can someone chat on the phone for free?

There are many different ways someone can chat on the phone for free. One is to find a listing of local chat line numbers through a site like Reference or Local Hot Chat. One could also try widely known chat lines such as Talkee and Quest Chat.

Where can one find free phone chat services?

There are many free phone chat services that are advertised online. These include US Chat Line, Chat to Strangers and Glogster. However, one should always take care to read all terms and conditions.

Is there a chat line to ask religious questions?

There are many chat lines to ask religiou questions but i can only give you this chat line which has no charge and always free at all times... but you have to strongly believe when you chat on this line. THIS ARE THE HINTS: 1)PRAY EVERYDAY 2)READ THE BIBLE And for those answers the GOD THE FARTHER,THE SON AND THE HOLY SPIRITS WILL ANSWERS THEM FOR YOU. IF I CAN DO IT...I BELIEVE THAT YOU CAN DO IT TOO.

How do you get free chat in poptropica?

There is no free chat.

What is Trey Songz's chat line?

His chat line is 5

How do you get free chat on Club Penguin?

you can get free chat only when you are in the process of making your account. if you have already created your account you can not change it from safe chat to free chat.

Which websites offer free music chat rooms?

Some websites that offer free music chat rooms are Chat Avenue, Chat Jungle, and WeirdTown Chat. You can also find free music chat rooms at Userplane and AIM Chat Rooms.

Where can I find some free chat rooms on-line?

Well, I would recommend using the chat rooms offered by ChatBazaar because they offer a variety of chat rooms and services. They also offer their services for a fee of no charge.

What is the 559 Fresno chat line phone numbers?

There are many chat lines available in the area of Fresno, CA. One which is free to use is 877-648-8389.

What are free lesbian phone chatline numbers?

Numbers which let you call lesbian sex lines for free

Which chat option gives free chat in animal jam?

"Safe Chat" is the free chat option for members on Animal Jam.

How do you chat free in wizard101?

You can have like a semi free chat where you type without using chat filter. If you got a true friend code I think it is all free chat. The semi free chat you unlock by putting in while making your account that you are 13.

What are free chat sites?

Free chat sites are websites with chat rooms that do not charge their users money.

In runescape can you get free chat if you already have quick chat?

You cannot use free chat unless you are 13. I tryed but i had to wait. On your birthday it will atomatically make it so you can use free chat.

What is lil Wayne chat line number?

What lilwayne chat line number

If you have quick chat in runescape can you use free chat?

Not if you are on a Quick Chat world, that means it is strictly quick chat only, other worlds will have quick chat and you can use free chat as well.

Where do chat lines make their money?

Toll free chat lines charge the user a per minute fee. They make money from the long distance fee you pay to your carrier, who in turn pays the chat line operator.

How do you get free chat on Animal Jam if you are not a member?

You log on to the parent dashboard and change your current chat to free chat :)

Is Chit Chat City free?

Yes Chit Chat City Is Free!!!

How do you make a free chat?

14 or higher and it will let u free chat

Where can you video chat for free?

You can video chat for free on FaceTime and Skype. etc.

Which is the best site for free on-line chat?

Which is the best on-line chat? That is a matter of opinion. It's my opinion that IRC - Internet Relay Chat. One of the first internet chat clients developed is the best. With thousands of servers. And full client side and server side scripting access. Everything can be changed or customized by the user. Most people aren't to familiar with IRC these days though. If you havn't been online for many years you may not have even heard of it. So the best free online chat that everyone would be familiar with is probably google chat. Because it is free simple and anyone with a gmail account has access to it. This is the reason i say google makes the best online chat client that everyone is familiar with.