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In American football the score is called 'nil' or 'goal'.

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Q: What is a football score called?
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What is the touchdown area called?

The area in football that you score a touchdown is called the endzone.

What is it called when a football team kicks a three point score?

it is called a field goal

What are the posts that you hit the ball over to score a goal called in football?

It's called a goalpost.

What keeps up with the scores in the football games?

a device called the score board

Which hockey team in the National Hockey league plays out of the Score center?

There is not a hockey team in the National Hockey League that plays out of the Score Centre. There is a sports site that is called the Score Centre and there is an arena in London called Score Centre that is home to a London football team.

What is a score in hockey called 4 letters?

It is called a goal just like in football

Can you score from a throw in in football?

No you can not score from a throw in.

What is the score in a football game?

it can be any score

What is the fastest score in a NCAA football game?

The fastest score in the NCAA would be 113-0. This is a football game.

What is that football or soccer game called when you get into pairs and try to score a goal and whoever scores goes into the next round?

It is called "Cuppy" or "World Cup".

What is the highest score to the lowest score in football when?

222 to 0.

What is a no score draw in football?

no score draw is = 0-0

What isthe fastest score in a NCAA football game?

The highest score int he NCAA was 113 to 0. This in a football game.

I do not have any special powers but i can predict the score of any football game before it begins How can this be?

The score of any football game before it begins is: 0 - 0

What does the PF stand for in football box score?

Professional Football?

What is Chelsea's highest winning score in a football match?

Chelsea's highest score in football is Chelsea vs Wigan 8-0

Can you score from a throwing in football?


What is the American sport of football?

the sport of football is a game where people run and catch a ball. They try to score in the other teams endsone. If one team scores it is called a Homerun. trust me I know.

What is called when you try to score in soccer?

When you score it is called a 'Goal'. When you try to score it is called 'Shooting'.

How do you score points in football?

you goal

Football score for short?


Has there ever been a 3-2 football score?

No there has never been a 3-2 football score. The lowest NFL score was 2-0 with the Green Bay Packers defeating the Chicago Bears in 1932.

What does defense mean in football?

defence in football is stopping the goals that the other teams strikers try to score so they have to block them and make sure they dont score.

How do you score goals football?

if you want to score loads of goals in a football match you need speed,position,technique and loads of space and skill

What is another word for football score?

American football - touchdown worldwide football(soccer) - goal

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