What is a football industry?

Updated: 10/23/2022
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It's any form of privet company that makes money from the sport of football. Not to be confused with a football franchise, witch are the teams themselves.

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Q: What is a football industry?
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Who is the lowest paid in the football industry?

Football Strip Makers

How much is the football industry worth?


What is Najin Industry?

Najin Industry is a football club found in Korea DPR at the city of Najin.

Is football a New York industry?

yes...i think

What does CFL's stand for?

In football: Canadian Football LeagueIn lighting industry: Compact fluorescent light

What were the natural resource in Pennsylvania in the 1700s?

Mining was a HUGE industry in Pennsylvania. Across the Americas, lumber was a major resource, as well. The mining industry helped name Pittsburg's football team: the Steelers.

Can anyone point to a reference figure for the annual WORLDWIDE or UK turnover for the fantasy sports industry i.e. fantasy football cricket baseball gridiron etc?

My favourite Fantasy Football game is the original.

What does the sporting and athletic goods industry consist of?

This industry covers establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing sporting and athletic goods not elsewhere classified, such as fishing tackle; golf and tennis goods; baseball, football, basketball, and boxing equipment

What industry has the industrial triangle got?

Genoa - main port - materials imported and exported Turin - football teams - Milan - fashion and car assembly I LOVE YOU LEANNEE XX

Where can one buy a football autobiography by Sir Alex Ferguson?

Sir Alex Ferguson is a former Scottish football player and manager whom started off being a plater's helper in the shipbuilding industry. He has written several autobiographies including "Managing My Life: My Autobiography", "Shadow of the Knight: Football's Life After", and "A Will to Win: The Manager's Diary". Many reputable retailers carry his autobiography such as Amazon and Barnes and Nobles.

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Football that starts with a f?

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