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Some football type games with a oval ball are AFL (Australian Football League*), American Football and Rugby.

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Q: What is a football game played with an oval ball?
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What do brtish people call football?

A game played with a round ball and played largely using feet. USA calls the game played with an oval ball and largely using hands as football, a possible misnomer. A similar game in britain is called 'rugby'.

What is the Definition of football?

It depends on which country you're talking about. In America, football is a game played with an oval-shaped ball, with teams that tackle each other and carry and pass the ball with their hands. In most of the rest of the world, football is a game played with a round ball where the teams cannot touch the ball with their hands.

What kind of a ball they use in the game of rugby?

Its an oval ball similar in shape to an American football but larger.

What are the dimension of an American football ball?


What is the shape of a American football ball?


Games played with oval balls?

The game played with an oval ball is called Rugby. Its a game that has changed more in the past 10 years than it did in the previous 100. To be honest I preferred the game of 20 years ago, the padding, lifting and law changes have spoilt the game for me. The traditions and history of many clubs and parts of the game have now gone in a rush to compete in the professional game.AFL is another Game played with an Oval ball, and so is American Football (see sportkin)

What kind of ball do they use in the game rugby?

And oval ball pointed slightly at both ends (similar to that of American football but larger)

What do you play with in American football?


What kind of ball do they use in the game of rugby?

oval ball

Why is the American football oval?

Because if it weren't it would be a soccer ball.

Comparison of American Football and France Football?

American Football uses an oval ball and french football means Soccer.

What is an AFL ball?

An AFL ball is the football used in the Australian game of football. The AFL ball is an oval-shaped/egg-shaped ball (much the same as a rugby ball, but slightly smaller and more elongated) that consists of an inner bladder (nowadays made of rubber) inside a casing of four leather panels stitched together, covering it. When Australian football is played in the day time, they usually use a red ball and when played at night they use a yellow ball.

Where can one find information regarding Australian rules for football?

Australian rules football is a game played by two teams each comprising 18 players. The field of play is oval in shape, as is the ball. Information about Australian rules football can be found on Wikipedia.

Why does a rugby ball look like a football?

In and around 1823 the ball used for the game was round as the years passed and kicking was a lesser part of the game the ball took its oval shape which made it easier to pass hand to hand

What sport is fair catch in?

football (the one with the brown oval shaped ball)

How is Gaelic Football similar to American Football?

Gaelic Football and American Football are radically different, and have very few similarities. They are both team games, played with a ball, but even the ball differs in that Gaelic Football uses a round ball, not an oval ball. Both are extremely popular football codes in their country of origin but are minority sports in the majority of the world. There is virtually no similarity between Gaelic Football and American Football.

What is a footy ground?

A football ground is an oval shaped ground on which Australian football is played.

What is the name of an Australian rules football field?

A football oval. Seeing as the field is oval. AFL games are also played on cricket field such as the MCG in Melbourne and the Gabba in Brisbane. A football oval. Seeing as the field is oval. AFL games are also played on cricket field such as the MCG in Melbourne and the Gabba in Brisbane.

How is the sport soccer played?

it is played on an oval, witha goal at each end. you are not aloud to use your hands or arms on theball and the aim of the game is to get the ball in the goal

What is the shape for a rugby ball?

Oval. A Gilbert football for Rugby Union, a Steeden Football for Rugby League and a Sherrin for Australian Rules Football (AFL).

How do you define 'football'?

'Football' is defined as: 1) a team game invented in England and popular around the world played on a large grassy rectangular field with eleven attacking players on a side and one goalkeeper in which the attacking side attempts to kick or head a ball through a netted goal to score; association football; soccer 2) a team game invented and popular in the United States with eleven players on a side in which each side passes or carries an oval ball down a large rectangular field or kicks it over a crossbar and between two posts to score points; American football 3) a form of American football played indoors on a smaller field in arenas designed for basketball or ice hockey; arena football 4) a form of football invented in England involving fifteen players on a side in which each side may carry or kick the ball but not pass it and no timeouts are allowed; rugby 5) a form of football played in Canada involving twelve players on a side derived from rugby and American football 6) a form of football played on a oval field with an oval ball involving eighteen players on a side; Australian rules football 7) the ball used in the different forms of football 8) a highly controversial topic; an issue

What is an oval leather ball used in some kind of sport?

Ah, the classic pigskin! This ball if known as a football, or pigskin. It is the central item used to play the sport of football.

What sport is played at the Jubilee Oval?

The main sport which is played at the Jubilee Oval is rugby league football. It is a multipurpose stadium which has also hosted soccer matches.

How many countries have football teams?

This question needs to be more specific. In North America (in general, anyway), "football" is more commonly a reference to a game played with an oval-shaped ball, similar to a rugby ball. Those outside North America (i.e. the rest of the world) call this game "American football" (AF), which is played in two countries, the U.S.A. and Canada, but with somewhat different rules. Football is the game played with a round ball, generally white. This game is called "soccer" in North America, to distinguish it from AF. Major differences between the two sports are: - number of players per side on the field at once; - equipment worn by players; - number of players on a team; - and too many more to list.

How big is an football oval?

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