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an audible is a change of the play made on the field by a player.

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Q: What is a football audible?
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If you call an audible what sport are you playing?

An audible is a call in American football.

When starting a down it begins with a?

· audible (football quarterback calls an audible at the line of scrimmage)

If you call an audible what sport and position are you playing?


If you call and audible what sport and position are you playing?


What are some football items that begin with the letter A?

The announcer, an audible and artificial grass are items at the football game.

Are there any football words that start with a A?

· all-purpose yardage · arena football · audible · automatic first down

If you can call an audible what sport and position are you playing?

You would be the Quarterback on a football team. An audible is where the Quarterback calls a new play while on the field, ready for the next play.

If you call an audible in football what position are you playing?

On offense usually the QB will call the audible. On defense i guess anyone could,,,but if I was a coach I would pick my MLB to call them

Football words starting with letter a?

AFL (The arena football league) AFC (vs NFC), All NFL teams are in either the AFC or NFC, American Football Conference vs. National Football conference assistant coach artificial turf audible - changing a play at the line of scrimmage by calling out a predetermined set of signals automatic - another term for audible

How do you use audible in a sentences?

Her voice is barely audible. When sound is heard, it is audible.

What does audible mean?

Audible refers to sounds that are able to be heard, eg. "ultrasound is audible to dogs".

Why do American football players shout out numbers?

they are shouting out to put people in motion(messes with defense or better sets up play), or call an audible( change play), or to pretend to call an audible... they yell out numbers, colors, anything....

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