What is a fly-half?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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The term in Rugby is Fly Half. It is also called Half Back.

In the union code this player is number 10 in league its number 6 and is a link between the scum half (their half back partner) and the backs (wings and centres) - Their role is normally to make play judgements as to whether the ball is passed across the backs or is kicked for position. This person normally will take kick off, restart games from a kick off, take penalty kicks and conversion kicks

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A fly-half is a rugby player who is normally the first receiver of the ball from the scrum half after a scrum.

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Q: What is a fly-half?
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What is Daniel carters postition in rugby?

He plays at 10 outside half (flyhalf)

What rugby position should you play you are 5 foot 7 and 9 stone and 14?


Which springbok flyhalf record the most drop goals in a test match?

J de Beer

What rugby player score the droop kick in 2003 world cup?

Johnney Wilkinson - Flyhalf

What is a three quarter line in rugby?

The three quarters are the wings and centres positions. This is connected then by the half backs who are the scrumhalf and flyhalf

Who is the strongest rugby world cup team?

Australia is the strongest team right now with Quade Cooper and Will Genia playing flyhalf and scrum half

Which springbok flyhalf record the most drop goals in a match?

Jannie de Beer, 1999 Rugby World Cup, South Africa vs England.

What does outside center mean in a rugby game?

Outside center is one of the positions in the back line. He is traditionally strong and fast and plays outside the inside center who plays outside the flyhalf.

Is Daniel Carter still the number one fly half in the world?

Of course after this great tri-nations season there is no doubt he is still "THE BEST FLYHALF IN THE WORLD". The greatest ALL BLACK SUPPORTER

What position does number 12 play in Rugby Union?

A player with 12 on their jersey in the Union code will play inside centre in the backs line (stands with another centre outside them and a flyhalf the other side)

What position does johnny wilkinson play in?

He played fly-half (out-half) mostly. He also played as inside centre.

In rugby does the kicker have to be the Fly Half?

No Not at all. It was customary for the Flyhalf to undertake the kicking duties however, there have been some notable other players who kicked and score. One was Welshman Alan Martin Lock forward of Wales and Aberavon who undertook a massive kick in the 70's and scored from a penalty