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a floater is an overhand serve that has NO spin on it and swerves thru the air. they are usually very hard and difficult to pass.

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Q: What is a floater in volleyball?
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What is the definition of the volleyball term floater?

A floater is a type of serve. It refers to the way the ball moves. A good floater will "float", or move around while it's going over the net if there is no spin on the ball. It can be tricky to receive. You can serve a floater standing or jumping.

What are the different serves involved in volleyball?

Underhand serve, Overhand serve, Jump Serve, Floater serve.

What are the names of the two servers in volleyball?

There is underhand and overhand. But it can get much more complex than that. There is a floater, jump serve, top spin.....

Who do you sever in volleyball?

over hand jumps serve jump floater underhand

What is a floater in vollyball?

It means that when you serve the volleyball, the ball doens't spin at all, it just stays completly still as it floats through the air.

Main types of serves in volleyball?

There are three main types of volleyball serves. There is the underhand serve, the overhand serve, and the jump serve. Within these three serves, there are more specific serves, such as the floater serve, the topspin serve, the jump float serve, and the jump topspin serve.

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An ark-floater is an aged or experienced actor.

What are the five kinds of service in volleyball?

the kinds of service in volleyball are top spin 1. top spin serve 2.floater serve 3.jump serve 4.long short serve serve

What are some volleyball words?

Jump, swat, spike, serve, hit, hammer, dig, foul, kill, block, middle up If you meet a volleyball girl you should say: I want to be the setter in a five-one and hit you with a strong-side underhand floater so be in the ready position. Or not because that sucked

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One definition of a floater is "a dead body, found in the water". Why one would to imitate that is beyond me. Please be more specific.

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