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Less than 1 dollar.

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2009-02-25 13:08:43
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Q: What is a fleer 1992 emmitt smith football card worth?
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What is the most expensive 1990 football card?

Emmitt Smith cards are worth the most for that year. The Score and Fleer Update cards are worth the most. $20-$30 each roughly.

What is an autograph football by Troy Aikman emmitt smith michal irvin?

that question dont make sense,but that ball is worth alot!

How much is a 1982 fleer 582 ozzie smith baseball card worth?

The 1982 fleer 582 Ozzie Smith baseball card is worth $25.

How much is a Emmitt Smith original draft card worth?

sports cards have lost value in the last few years but Emmitt Smith card from the draft will still be worth some money. but it depends on the buyer and their are alot of emmitt smith fans.

What is your emmitt smith pinnacle card worth?

whats an pinnacle emmit smith rookie card worth

How much is an Emmitt Smith card worth?

how much is an e

How much is Emmitt Smith's rookie card worth?


How much is Emmitt smith autograph worth?

it depends....ive been collecting Emmitt Smith memorabilia for about 17 years and it depends on "what he signed". If its a photo your looking at about $50-60....a football around $175-200....a jersey $250 (give or take). So that's about what you can "add" to the value of your item to get its "worth".

Emmitt smith rookie card worth?

There are a few different Emmitt Smith rookie cards circulating. Their value depends on their condition, what company, and pose the card is.

How much is a 100 dollar bill signed by Emmitt Smith worth?

Whatever a regular Emmit Smith autograph is worth plus $100.

What is a fleer 1991 bo Jackson football card worth?

30 cents

What is a 1990 Score Autographed card 27T Emmitt Smith worth?

5000000000 dollars

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