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Q: What is a flattish ring for throwing at a mark called?
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What is a flattish ring for throwing at a mark that is not a discus?


What is a throwing game ring?


In discus sports what are five ways how a foul can be called?

A foul can be called if the discus is thrown and goes outside the sector...if you enter the ring from the front, if you leave the ring from the front, if something flys off of you while you are throwing, and if you step on the line (circle) while throwing.

When was Mark Ring born?

Mark Ring was born on 1962-10-15.

What does the mark 14BK on your gold ring mean?

The mark 14 Bk signifies how much gold carats are in the ring/the value the ring has.

What does 14KUD mean on a ring?


What are the roles of officials in javelin?

The roles of any official in the throwing events in track and field are to make sure the athlete does not throw out of the throwing sector, make sure he/she doesn't step out of the runway or ring, and make sure that he/she steps out of the ring or runway correctly (runway must be entered and exited through the side, and throwing ring must be entered and exited through the back half of the ring).

What does 929 mark on silver ring mean?

The 929 mark on a ring indicates that the ring is 92% silver. This helps to indicate the value of the product for sale.

What does the mark mp mean on gold ring?

The Maker's Mark

What is a jeweler's mark on a ring?


How big is high school discus throwing ring?

8ft 2 and a half in.

How did a Kiowa boy get split into two twin brothers?

by throwing a ring in the air

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