What is a fast mile swim?

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fast for a high school girl is like 19 minutes

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Q: What is a fast mile swim?
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How long does it take to swim half mile?

it depends how fast you swim

How fast can the fastest swimmer swim?

20 mile an hour

Are oarfish fast or slow?

they are fast they can swim up to a 1/2 mile a minute

How fast does Lisbeth Trickett swim?

1 mile per hour

How fast can electric eel swim?

35 mile per hour

How nuch Time taken to swim one mile?

This depends. It depends how fast you are swimming. For example, if you are swimming at one mile an hour, you will swim one mile in one hour.

How many minutes does it take to swim one mile?

It depends on how fast you can swim and how long you can sustain that pace.

How fast do swans swim?

swans swimm so fast at lest 100 mile pore awer

How fast can a Yellowfin tuna swim?

well, the yellow fin tuna can swim up to 23.7 miles per mile.

How many laps in a 25 meter pool would equal the same effort not distance in running a mile which is much easier than swimming a mile what would your estimate be for a mile swim to equal a mile run?

It so much depends on how fast you run and how fast you swim and what type of stroke, and your weight. But roughly, say you run a 10 minute mile you burn 100 calories; say you swim 12 laps (300 meters) in 10 minutes you burn about the same 100 calories. A mile is 1600 meters, so a mile swim is a about a 5 mile run. Or 12 laps is about a mile run

What is faster swimming or running?

Running is faster. You can run a mile in about 5-8 minutes. It takes about 20 minutes to swim a fast mile.

How fast does a squid swim?

=How fast does a squid swim?==they can swim really fast=

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