What is a famous quote from Jim thorpe?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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he was 6'1" he weighed 190 he had black hair his eyes were brown

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I give them a hip, then take it away.

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Q: What is a famous quote from Jim thorpe?
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Who is a famous Indian athlete?

Jim Thorpe.

Who were famous athletes in 1910?

Jim thorpe, ty cobb

Why was Jim Thope famous?

THorpe was an american indian and a triathalon athlete,more famous for football....

Was Thorpe Seeley related to Jim Thorpe?

Thorpe Seely's mother was Grace Thorpe, daughter of Jim Thorpe and his first wife.

Was Jim thorpe a Christian?

Jim thorpe wasn't a christian

When was Jim Thorpe House created?

Jim Thorpe House was created in 1916.

What is Jim thorpe's birthday?

Jim Thorpe was born on May 28, 1888.

When was Jim Thorpe Award created?

Jim Thorpe Award was created in 1986.

Who is tom ashenbrenner in the Jim thorpe story?

Tom Ashenbrenner in "The Jim Thorpe Story" was one of his coaches early on. Jim Thorpe was an Olympic medalist.

Who was alcoholic and famous?

Edgar Allem Poe, Ulysses S. Grant, Jim Thorpe, etc.

Who were Jim Thorpe's parents?

Mr & Mrs Thorpe

Is Jim thorpe still alive?

No Jim Thorpe is surely dead. if not he is a VERY old man