What is a drop shot in tennis?

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A drop shot is a shot in raquet sports which requires slicing the ball, putting a backspin on the ball just over the net.

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Q: What is a drop shot in tennis?
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In tennis what is a drop shot?

a drop shot is a shot left very short, close to the net so that the receiver must approach the net to return it.

The disadvatages of using the drop shot in tennis?

One of the major disadvantages in using a drop shot is that it is one of the hardest shots in tennis to master and do correctly. While playing in a match though the main disadvantage is if the player you are challenging is quick enough to get the drop shot and get a good angle which then it can be impossible to return the shot sometimes and then if the player retrieves the drop shot and the player returns the drop shot return the player who does the drop is very vulnerable for the next return.

How fast will a tennis ball loose its bounce?

It depends. A shot with backspin will drop a lot faster then a topspin or flat shot.

What is a high tennis shot called?

A high tennis shot is called a "lob"** By a "high tennis shot" I assume you mean a shot that YOU hit

What do you call a tennis shot?

The name for a generic shot in tennis is a stroke. Strokes include forehands, backhands, volleys, drop shots, lobs, approach shots, serves, returns, groundstrokes, half-volleys, lob volleys, overheads, etc.

What is a challenge in tennis?

Challenges in tennis include: placing a shot were you want it, know what the oppenents shot might be, reacting to a oppenents shot.

What is a drop shot in golf?

A drop shot is when you lose a shot to par, i.e a bogey or worse.

What is a chop shot in tennis?

a chop shot is a.k.a. a slice which is a shot with backspin

What is the first shot in a tennis rally called?

combariene shot

What is a drive in tennis?

a shot with no spin.

What is the name given to tennis short which is executed just after the ball drop?

When the shot is played just as the ball has hit the court, it's called a half volley.

What year was Rockstar Games presents Table Tennis released?

Rockstar Games presents Table Tennis was released in May 2006. This is a realistic simulation game that required two players. The game also feature a drop shot.

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