What is a drive in volleyball?

Updated: 10/26/2022
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A drive is passing technique which emphasizes moving toward the ball as you make contact with it. There is also a technique known as the "Drop and Drive," where the passer moves her right foot backward, so she will tip her platform downward and towards the ball upon contact.

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A "drive" is a passing technique which emphasizes moving (driving) your platform into the ball as you make contact with it. This is done from the standard ready position - feet shoulder width apart, heels off floor, shirt logo pointed toward floor, etc. Move to the ball, get your "hips around the ball," then at the point of contact, tip forward towards the ball and take a step, which thrusts your platform in its direction, and allows you to make a good, controlled pass.

The points of emphasis are: Ready position, hips around the ball, body moving forward at point of contact, level platform, NO ARM SWING.

A young player who learns this technique in the beginning of her volleyball experience will develop into a great passer.

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Q: What is a drive in volleyball?
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