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A fault is a term in tennis for a serve that lands outside the service box or hits the nets and lands outside the service box. When this occurs on two consecutive serves, it is called a double fault and the server's opponent wins a point.

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Q: What is a double fault in tennis?
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What sport can a player double- fault in?


The term double fault is associated with?

Table tennis, or Lawn Tennis

Whats the definition of double fault in tennis?

A double fault in tennis is two consecutive serving faults that result in the loss of a point. The term double fault has been in use since 1909.

Is lawn tennis associated with the double fault?

yes lawn tennis and badminton

Which game is the double fault associated with?

lawn tennis

Which sport is associated with the term 'double fault?

lawn tennis

What sport can a player double-fault in?

A player can double fault in tennis. A double fault occurs when a player does not successfully place the ball in the opposing square on a serve two consecutive times.

In tennis what is it called when your serve doesn't land in the proper area?

It is called a fault or if you do it again it is called a double fault.

What is it called if you miss both first and second serves in tennis?

a double fault

Can you lose a tennis game if you make a double fault?

The answer is no you cant. But you will lose that point.

Is double fault associated to tabletennis or lawn tennis?

lawn. in table tennis, the other player gets a point on a single fault, whereas in lawn tenns, you get two chances, and your opponent will get the point on the second fault.

What do you call it when you make two bad serves in a row in tennis?

It is called a double fault.

Double fault in tennis?

Hitting 2 serves which both land outside the service box

In tennis what does the other team do when you hit the net twice when you serve?

The opposition get a point for a double fault

If a person fails to get their two serves in tennis what is it called?

"Double fault" ... the consequence being that he/she loses that point.

What is a service fault in tennis?

a service fault in tennis is when you either when you serve and you don't get it over the first line OR you get it out

In tennis does the server have advantage?

yes because u can ace the person but the person can double fault so it evens

Can a foot fault be challenged in professional tennis?

What has "professional" got to do with it ? A foot fault is a foot fault.

What are some tennis words that begin with the letter F?

Fault Foot fault.

What is a serve that grazes the net in tennis?

a fault

What is an illegal serve called in tennis?

A fault.

What is an invalid tennis serve?

a fault,

What game uses the term fault?


Love ace and fault are from what sport?


In tennis what do you call a failed serve?