What is a double barrel baseball bat?

Updated: 10/23/2022
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A double barreled bat is the same as a double walled bat. The barrel (the part where the ball hits the bat) contains a smaller barrel inside it's hollow compartment. This gives it more umph when the ball hits the bat because of the 'trampoline effect'.

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Q: What is a double barrel baseball bat?
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What is a big barrel baseball bat?

a big barrel baseball bat is a bat that is at least 2 5/8th inches in diameter, these bats can only be used in jr. high or higher levels of baseball

What does the baseball bat barrel diameter mean?

It just shows how wide the bat is.

How do you determine how long is a baseball bat?

usually there should be a legnth on the barrel or the bottom of the bat

What is the best big barrel bat for youth baseball?

The best big barrel bat is -8 if you mean the type of bat then velocity but -8 31 inch 23oz

How big is the diameter of a baseball bat?

About 3 inches at the barrel.

What is the thickest part of a baseball bat called?

The thick part is typically referred to as the barrel of the bat.

What is the barrel diameter of a baseball bat?

go on and read it (chinatown wars) ;)

How do you tell if your baseball bat is dented?

Wrap your hand around the bat and turn the bat with your opposite hand. you will feel the oddly shaped barrel turning in your hand.

Is a drop 5 baseball bat always a big barrel?

Yes, I believe so.

Who should use a big barrel baseball bat and what ages?

Ages 13 and up

What is the difference between a baseball bat and a softball bat and can they be used in the different leagues?

A softball bat has a fatter barrel tot he bat, as well as a larger length-weight differential. Also, the length of the barrel is longer on a softball bat, as it starts lower on the bat. No they cannot be used in different leagues since softball bats have the larger length-weight differential (maximum in Major League Baseball is -3) and the barrel is too large (standard barrel is 2 3/4 ")AnswerBaseball bat barrels are usually fatter in diameter, heavier and have adifferent COR value (this determines the speed the ball rebounds off the bat) the balls rebound is slower for a softball bat.

What are the measurements on a Louisville slugger B267 model baseball bat?

Additional InformationBat Model B267 Bat Length 33" Bat Weight 30.5oz Bat Barrel 2.520" Bat Handle Size 1.005"