What is a Dodger?

Updated: 12/12/2022
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Laury Roob

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It is someone that wants to avoid the Military service.

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Loyal Mayert

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Q: What is a Dodger?
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What is the name of Rita's boat in flushed away?

The Jammy Dodger

Who is better Oliver or The Artful Dodger?

The Artful Dodger

Where do the Dodger's play?

Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, CA

When was Roger the Dodger created?

Roger the Dodger was created in 1953.

When did Dodger Whysall die?

Dodger Whysall died in 1930.

When was Dodger Whysall born?

Dodger Whysall was born in 1887.

When was Dodger Stadium created?

Dodger Stadium was created in 1962.

Where can you buy a dodger jersey with the red number in front?

dodger stadium

Who is an old dodger short stop?

Dodger shortstop after durocher C

When was Artful Dodger created?

The Artful Dodger (in Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens) is 10 yrs old.

Why are the dodger named he dodger?

from the fans who used to dodge trollys in new york

What is dodger slang for?

Old school messenger boy in NYC. Trolley dodger.