What is a designated official?

Updated: 12/23/2022
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Q: What is a designated official?
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What state has designated Home on the Range its official song?


Who is the state official designated to coordinate elections?

State board of elections

What is the official animal of Connecticut?

The sperm whale is the official animal in Connecticut. The sperm whale was designated the state animal of Connecticut in 1975.

What is California's state music?

Sorry, the state of California does not have a designated official state music.

What is the state nut of Alabama?

The official state nut of Alabama is the pecan. It was designated as such in 1982.

Is kuchen a major dessert in South Dakota?

Kuchen is the official state dessert of South Dakota. It was designated the official state dessert in 2000.

Who designated this day to be remember in 1919?

President Woodrow Wilson designated November 11th to be Veterans Day in 1919. In 1926 President Calvin Coolidge made it an official holiday.

What is California's official language?

California has not designated an official language. The state recognizes English as the de facto language for government and official business, but there is no official language specified in the state's constitution or legislation.

What is Georgia's official state vegetable?

The Vidalia onion is Georgia's official state vegetable. Internationally acclaimed as the worldâ??s sweetest onion, it was designated as the state's official vegetable in 1990.

What is the state mammal of Alabama?

The official state mammal of Alabama is the black bear. It was designated as such in 1996.

What is the state mammal for New York?

New York has the beaver as the designated Official State animal.

What is the state fossil of Alaska?

The official state fossil of Alaska is the Woolly Mammoth. It was designated as such in 1986.