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A block is what is used to stop a spiked ball

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2008-11-14 14:24:55
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Q: What is a defensive technique to stop spiked balls in volleyball?
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What is a defensive free kick?

my balls

What is the size of an olympic volleyball?

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What are similarities between volleyball and handball?


When was the volley balls made?

Volleyball was invented in 1895.

Does it matter if your playing indoor volleyball and you have a beach volleyball?

There is actually a difference between the 2 balls. Outdoor ball pressure is 2.5-3.2psi. Indoor balls are much harder at 4.3-4.6psi. In other words a Beach volleyball is lighter then a indoor volleyball

What Digging in volleyball?

The word digging in volleyball stands for when you are going down and hit the floor with your kneepads and hit the floor and bump the ball!!! Also most people call the person out in the "left back" they are called diggers which they dig the balls they get on there knees and hit it!!**A "dig" is when a ball is spiked from the opposing side, and a player "dives" to get or pass up the ball, and is successful.

What is the col legno playing technique?


How is a blocks used In a volleyball?

This move is used chiefly as a defensive position to stop spiked balls. As with spiking timing is important in blocking. A player must anticipate an opponent's spike and position him or herself accordingly. The blocker's arms should be extended upward with fingers spread wide apart. This allows the ball to bonce off the heels of the blocker's hands and land on the opposite side of the net. This is the only move in volleyball that allows the player's hands to go over the top of the net.

What is the difference between an indoor volleyball and an outdoor volleyball balls?

Well, if you are just playing regular volleyball, but outside, the the ball isn't different. But if you are playing beach volleyball, they are made out of a different material.

Do you bend your arms in volleyball when the balls coming hard?

NO!!!!!!!!!!!! your platform is uneven.

How are volleyball and softball the same?

They're not except that they both use balls.

What is the same about volleyball and soccer?

they both got balls

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