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A defensive end is the name of a defensive position in American and Canadian football, situated at each end of the defensive line.

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Q: What is a defensive end?
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How many players start on the defensive line?

Depending on the setup its either 3-4= Defensive End/Nose Guard/Defensive End 4-3= Defensive End/Defensive Tackle/Defensive Tackle/Defensive End 5-2=Defensive End/Defensive Tackle/Nose Guard/Defensive Tackle/Defensive End

Who was the defensive end for the 1993 Dallas Cowboys?

The starting left defensive end was Tony Tolbert. The starting right defensive end was Charles Haley.

What is a DE in football?

Defensive End. The DE plays on the outside edge of the defensive line. Called the Defensive End in a 4-3 allignment and is sometimes referred to as a Defensive Tackle in a 3-4 defensive allignment. The Defensive end is responsible for pass rushing and run stuffing.

What is DE in football?

Defensive End - Lineman on the defense located at the end of the defensive line

What is the average size of an NFL defensive end?

The average weight of an NFL defensive end is about 6'4 and 280lbs

How big should you be as a freshmen to play defensive end?

It doesn't matter how big u r or how tall as long as u have the heart and desire to play defensive end. And as long as you have talent at the defensive end position you should do fine.

When was Marcus Spears - defensive end - born?

Marcus Spears - defensive end - was born on 1983-03-08.

When was Ed Smith - defensive end - born?

Ed Smith - defensive end - was born on 1950-10-23.

When was Doug Martin - defensive end - born?

Doug Martin - defensive end - was born on 1957-05-22.

When was Steve Martin - defensive end - born?

Steve Martin - defensive end - was born on 1964-12-24.

When was Dan Williams - defensive end - born?

Dan Williams - defensive end - was born on 1969-12-15.

When was Tommy Davis - defensive end - born?

Tommy Davis - defensive end - was born on 1982-10-18.

When was Derrick Alexander - defensive end - born?

Derrick Alexander - defensive end - was born on 1973-11-13.

When was Thomas Brown - defensive end - born?

Thomas Brown - defensive end - was born on 1957-07-08.

When was Mike Robinson - defensive end - born?

Mike Robinson - defensive end - was born on 1956-08-19.

When was Chris Clemons - defensive end - born?

Chris Clemons - defensive end - was born on 1981-10-30.

When was Anthony Smith - defensive end - born?

Anthony Smith - defensive end - was born on 1967-06-28.

When was Sean Jones - defensive end - born?

Sean Jones - defensive end - was born on 1962-12-19.

When did Ray Hamilton - defensive end - die?

Ray Hamilton - defensive end - died on 1995-02-13.

When was Ray Hamilton - defensive end - born?

Ray Hamilton - defensive end - was born on 1916-01-21.

When was Josh Cooper - defensive end - born?

Josh Cooper - defensive end - was born on 1980-12-05.

When was Antonio Smith - defensive end - born?

Antonio Smith - defensive end - was born on 1981-10-21.

When was Willie Young - defensive end - born?

Willie Young - defensive end - was born on 1985-09-19.

Was Reggie white a defensive tackle?

Reggie White was a defensive end

What is a 5 technique defensive tackle?

It is a defensive end who lines up outside the shoulder of the offensive tackle. There are 9 techniques, a five is basically a typical 4-3 defensive end.