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A decathlon would be considered a subsidiary discipline in Track and Field; in that it is comprised of ten events derived from Track and Field to be competed over a two day period. Performances in each event tally points for it's participant based on their results. These points total toward the overall decathlon performance to determine ranking at the end of the decathlon.

A decathlon is negotiated by one individual competitor entitled a 'decathlete'.

Ensue - 'team decathlons'; where the rules can range anywhere from how many team members can compete in any given event, whether any team member can compete in numerous events, and how many team members points are tallied in each event.

The properly noun-ed term "The Decathlon" is primarily reserved in the highest tier of competition capable for the event. These 'meets' of the worlds competitors are typically arranged by the International Associations of Athletics Federation, the IAAF, for the World Championships and the Olympic Committee for the Olympics.

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Q: What is a decathlon in track and field?
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How many track field Events are there in a Decathlon?

A decathlon consists of 10 track and field events

How many track and field are in a decathlon?


How many track and field are in the decathlon?


How many track and field events are included in the decathlon in the commonwealth games?

A decathlon has 10 events.

How many track field events are there in the decathlon?


How many track and field are included in the decathlon?


How many track and field events in the decathlon?


How many events in track and field decathlon?


How many track and field events in a decathlon?


What is last activity of decathlon?

The last event in a track and field decathlon is the 1500 meter run.

How many field and track events are completed in the decathlon?


How many track field events competed in the decathlon?


What is the sport that includes both track and field events?

The Decathlon

What does NM mean in track and field?

In field events, or heptathlon/decathlon, it means "no mark".

How many track sports are in the 2012 Olympics?

15, not including the decathlon which has track and field sports.

How many track and field events are included int he decathlon?


What is the athletic event consisting of ten track and field events called?


What is a decathlon bike?

Decathlon is chain of French sporting goods stores, and they sell "their" brand of bicycles as well. Has nothing to do with the track & field discipline called decathlon.

How many track field events are competed in the decathlon?

10 because deca is ten

What are the field events in track field?

hi all field events in track and field are:high jump, pole jump, pong jump, triple jump, shot put, discus, hammer throw, javelin, decathlon, pentathlon, walking

In modern times the pentathlon has been replaced by decathlonHow many events are in this activity?

There are ten track and field events in a decathlon.

Which olympic sport requires throwing a spear-like instrument?

Track and field athletics in the following events, javelin, decathlon, heptathlon.

Who won the Sportsmen of the Year Award in 1958?

1958 Rafer Johnson Track and field Decathlon world record

What sport did Bruce Jenner do?

Bruce Jenner was a track and field athlete. He won the Olympic gold medal in 1976 for the decathlon.

What sport is Bruce Jenner known for?

Bruce Jenner competed in the sport of track and field. He won an Olympic gold medal in the decathlon.