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The inside area of the track

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Q: What is a curb in track and field?
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How many miles in an oval outdoor field track in lane 3?

Assuming that we are dealing with a standard track, where the lanes are 42 in. wide and there is no curb on the inside of lane 1, then the answer is 0.257 miles or 413 meters.

What is 3 main category in track and field?

track and field track and field

What is widely considered to be oldest sport known to humankind?

Track and Field

What is a competition in running called?

track and field

Is chess a track and field game?

No, chess is not a track and field game.

Where did track and field get its name?

track and field got its name because when you run you on a track. the field part is because you compete in the other competions on a field a grassy area.

Track and field in the 2008 Olympics?

Yes there will be Track and Field in the 2008 Olympics.

What year was track and field invented?

776 BC is when track and field was invented!

When did track and field come to the Olympics?

track field came from a black man

Can you sprain your hamstring in track and field?

No, it is completely impossible to sprain your hamstring in track and field.

What are the skill needed in playing track and field?

what are the skill neended in playing track and field

What is a field judge in track and field?