What is a crossover dribble?

Updated: 12/16/2022
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lean you body to the lead hand and dribble with the other. Count down to 3 then switch while accelerating A crossover dribble is just switching hands, whether its right to left or left to right

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Q: What is a crossover dribble?
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Who invented the crossover dribble?

Bob Cousy

What is the basketball term for a dribble moving across the body from hand to hand?

Crossover Dribble

How does one perform a killer crossover dribble move?

A crossover dribble move is performed when the player dribbling the ball switches the ball rapidly from one hand to the other, to make a change in direction.

What is unique about the Iverson crossover dribble?

The Iverson crossover dribble is unique because it fools the defender in basket ball into thinking they are going the other way. It involves using one hand then the other.

What is ins and outs in basketball?

its a type of dribble move. a type of crossover to be more precise. its more like a fake crossover where you make it look like you're going to dribble the ball to one hand, but keep it in the same. its pretty effective!

What does crossover mean in basketball?

In the game of basketball, a crossover is a type of dribble where the ball handler bounces the ball in front of him/her from one hand to the other, in order to change the direction of their dribble quickly. For example, if a ball handler is dribbling to the left with his left hand and wants to quickly go to the right, he performs a crossover to the right.

What is dribbling in field or ice hockey?

there is the Indian dribble, the zigzag, the speed dribble

What is the foul when you dribble stop then dribble again?

Double Dribble

How do you write the sound a basketball makes when you dribble it?

dribble dribble

What are the two ways a person can double dribble?

a person can try to dribble the ball with two hands or can dribble then pick up their dribble and then dribble again

What is Dwyane Wade's favourate move?

The Miami Heat's Dwayne Wade is known for his spectacular moves to the goal. His two favorite moves are probably his spin move and his crossover dribble move. Both get him to the goal.

What is dribble in basketball?

Dribble in basketball is when you're in the middle of playing then you dribble.