What is a cricket annual called?

Updated: 9/15/2023
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WISDEN Cricket Annual and whos who in cricket.

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Q: What is a cricket annual called?
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When did The West Indies Cricket Annual end?

The West Indies Cricket Annual ended in 1991.

When was The West Indies Cricket Annual created?

The West Indies Cricket Annual was created in 1970.

What has the author Colin Bryden written?

Colin Bryden has written: 'Mutual & Federal S.A. Cricket Annual 2000' 'Return of the prodigal' -- subject(s): Cricket, History 'Mutual & Federal S.A Cricket Annual 2001'

What has the author Bill Frindall written?

Bill Frindall has written: 'Frindall's Score book, Australia v. England, 1978-79' -- subject(s): Cricket, Statistics, Tallies 'Guinness Cricket Facts and Feats' 'Playfair Cricket Annual 1994' 'Playfair Cricket Annual' 'LIMITED-OVERS INTERNATIONAL CRICKET'

Which annual cricket competition is held between England and Australia?

The ashes, but its not always annual I dont think

What is a male cricket called?

a cricket

What is the stitching called on a cricket ball?

The stitching on a cricket ball is called the equator or the seam.

What is a cricket club called?

Cricket Club!

What is a pitch called in Cricket?

Cricket ball Cricket ball

Is there a cricket game for the Wii?

yes it is called cricket

What are cricket ashes?

it was in 1882 and Australia beat England in cricket the Australian team then burnt the bails (not the stumps or ball) to mark the first ever official game and to this day England and Australia compete for the ashes (that's why the wining team holds up an urn as there trophy)

Why Sachin Tendulkar called as GOD of Cricket?

hy sachin is called god of cricket