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A creative midfielder is someone who can create stuff

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Q: What is a creative midfielder?
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What posision does Frank Lampard play?

He is a midfielder who can play attacking midfielder or defending midfielder.

Is Steven Gerrard a midfielder?

Yes, he is a midfielder.

What is an attacking midfielder?

An attacking midfielder is a member of a football team who is a midfielder who specializes more in attacking duties.

Who is the words best soccer midfielder?

Depends on the type of midfielder, frank lampard is the best box to box midfielder

Who is denmarks best midfielder?

Denmarks best midfielder is Ramadhal.

What is a holding midfielder?

A holding midfielder is someone who sits behind the centre midfield, whose main job is to stay in front of his backline to protect them. He usually allows the more creative players to express themselves without having to worry about defending. They must usually be good at tackling,have determination and be brave

Is kaka a forward or midfielder?

He usually plays as an attacking midfielder or secondary striker.

When was Georgi Vasilev - midfielder - born?

Georgi Vasilev - midfielder - was born in 1946.

What is kiasso?


What are the position is soccer?

Goalkeeper Defender (Right Back, Centre Back, Left Back) Midfielder (Central Midfielder, Defensive Midfielder, Attacking Midfielder, Right Winger, Left Winger, Sweeper) Forward (Centre Forward, Striker)

What positions do pro soccer players play in a game?

Typical positions are: Goalkeeper, Full Back (right or left) Centre Back, Sweeper, Wing Back (right or left), Defensive Midfielder, Central Midfielder, Attacking Midfielder, Winger (right or left), Left Midfielder, Right Midfielder, Support Striker, Striker

What is the job of an attacking midfielder?

I assume that by midfielder, you mean the position in soccer. A midfielder usually stays behind the forwards (people who go up and try to score) and ahead of the fullbacks (who stay a little ahead of the goalie to help him/her). My guess is that a attacking midfielder would play the position of a midfielder, but try to score like the forwards.

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