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A drift

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Q: What is a controlled high speed skid in motor racing called?
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How do you control the speed on an ac motor?

the speed of ac motor can be controlled by controlling the synchronous speed (Ns=120f/p). and synchronous speed can be varried or controlled by changing frequency or by changing poles. but practicaly pole can not be changed. but we can change the frequency. the frequency can be VFD (Variable frequency Drives). so the speed of ac motor can be chaged or controlled by VFD.

What is an autodrome?

An autodrome is a circuit used for motor sports events, but not for high-speed racing.

Is there a relay for the blower motor in a 1989 dynasty?

Only for the high speed. The lower speeds are controlled with the use of a blower motor speed resistor.

Speed control of motor using SCR?

An SCR chip is commonly used to control the speed of a motor. The speed is controlled using an AC circuit and phase angles.

What sports did Americans play in the 1800s?

Baseball, Basketball, Boxing, Football, Golf, Horse Racing, Ice Hockey, Motor Racing, Speed Skating, Tennis, and Yacht Racing

What control the speed of a piston on a pneumatic motor?

The speed of a pneumatic motor is controlled by regulating the flow of intake air with a proportional control valve Paul Berbakov

Why do you control the speed of DC motors?

because dc motor is a powerful & dangerous motor it is akiller

How can RPM's be adjusted on a 1999 Plymouth Breeze?

The idle speed is computer controlled and is not adjustable. If the speed is incorrect, there is a malfunction with the idle speed motor, a sensor, or wiring.

What is Commutatorless DC Motor?

A commutator less DC motor is nothing but a self controlled synchronous motor is being widely used in industries for high speed and large capacity.

Are there any vintage racing newspapers called national speed sport news?


How do you change the speed of a motor in a circuit?

By varying the Resistance to the motor. These Devices are called RHEOSTAT'S

What is the song on the NASCAR racing commercial?

go speed racer, go speed racer, go speed racer goooo.