What is a concusion?

Updated: 10/21/2022
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a concusin is when your brain is hit against your skull either from head trauma or some sort of a head injury like received in football.

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Q: What is a concusion?
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How did Marian Anderson dad die?

Marian Anderson's dad died of a head concusion. Something fell on him, was injured and soon died. :(- Kaylie

Why does a quarterback after running with the ball goes down head first?

to keep from a concusion

When Bella got in the carcrash deal was edward trying to check for any concusion?

No. He made up the excuse of a concusion to make Bella think that she didnt see what really happened. Because he didnt want to expose the secret of his family.

In which film does a girl suffer concusion during a tornado have strange and eccentric dreams?

The wizard of Oz.

What might be causing the left and right back of your skull to feel painful to touch?

Arthritis or a Concusion

Why is it bad if you get slapped in the head over and over?

It is bad because than you can passout or get a minor concusion

Is it OK to sleep with out a pillow?

yes as long as you dont have head problems or a concusion but if you dont it is okay