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Q: What is a competition in running called?
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Related questions

Does Nike running shoes have any competition?

Nike running shoes do not have any competition available. Nike provides competition running shoes for people who are running marathons and other running competitions such as those in the Olympics.

What do you term a jogging competition involving many people usually organised to raise money for a charity'?

it is called a running marathon

What do you mean by sports?

athletics, running around, competition

What is an organisation without competition called?

An organization without any competition is called a monopoly.

What is a speed competition called?

Well it called Race competition

What is a marbles competition called?

One marbles competition is called the National Marbles Tournament.

What is a competition among schools called?

Competition between teams from different schools is called intermural sports and competition between teams from the same school is called intramural sports.

What is the struggle of several organisms for the same resource called?

Competition, sometimes called environmental competition.

What is competition of organisms of different species called?

Interspecific competition.

The highest form of competition in economics called?

perfect competition

What is competition between species called?

intraspecific competition

What is the struggle between organisms t survive in a habitat with limited resources called?

Competition.If the competition occurs between individuals of the same species it is called intraspecific competition.If the competition is between individuals of different species it is called interspecific competition.

What is a high tariff to limit foreign competition called?

A high tariff to limit foreign competition is called a protective tariff.

What is a competition between knights called?

Knight competitions were called tourneys. Various specific aspects of competition had different names, but the most famous was called jousting.

What is an unmounted horse jumping competition called?

Unmounted horse jumping is called "free jumping", where the horse is free of a rider. An unmounted jumping competition would most likely be called a "Free Jumping Show/Competition".

What is England's national soccer competition called?

the top league is called the premier league. the top cup competition is the FA cup

What makes a healthy competition?

Competition cheerleading is fun. Running helps.... A LOT -if that's what you are asking (: - Also, I think a "healthy competition" is one where you better yourself or improve to try and win, but don't hate them.

What part of speech is race?

1) Race: noun, as in a running competition, or as an ethnic group.2) To race: verb, to take part in a running competition, or as abnormally fast heart rate.

What cup is the international soccer competition?

The international competition amongst countries is called the FIFA World Cup The international competition amongst clubs is called the FIFA Club World Cup

What is it called when members of the same species require the same food and space?


What is a skating competition called?

A meet.

What is a business called when they have no competition?

A monopoly

What are the laws that competition in the marketplace called?

antitrust laws =)

What is it called when a business has no competition?


Grasses replace mosses in a process called?