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Q: What is a companies goal in using off shoring?
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Do companies work offshore besides oil companies?

Yes, most industries in the United States nowadays resort to off-shoring. For example,most telecommunication companies get their employees from India.

Where can one find more information on shoring?

A website with a good explanation of "off-shoring" is the Chel Ramsey Productions website. It is explained there that "off-shoring" is another term for "outsourcing". It also explains how the process works.

How does unions deal with cheaper labor in other countries that push companies to build plants in places like Mexico?

They try to prevent such off-shoring; some have success and some others don't.

Companies use offshoring in order to do what?

Off-shoring takes jobs away from the US because companies hire foreign workers. Not only does this take jobs away from the American public, it also takes away a large part of the companies consumers. The unemployed or the ones that had to take lower-paying jobs have a lower presence in the consumer market.

What is business process outsource?

This assigning of some or whole of your task to a third party company is called "outsourcing" and when it is concerned with the "outsourcing" of any business activity is called as "Business Process outsourcing" or in other words you can say that BPO is the process of hiring another company to handle business related activities for you. These companies are called "call-centre" in laymen term. Now if a company which is based in US is outsourcing its service to an Indian company it is called "off-shoring" means hiring a company based in another country is called off-shoring.

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Is India's off shoring advantage to eternity and why?

No, reasons being:- 1. Countires/Companies who offshore have understood the importance of risk mitigation, and are thus diverisifying offshoring work. It also helps them to retain best competitive pricing and quality. 2. Competition from other countries (China is a biggest threat to India, come 2012 their results would do the talking) 3. Geopolitical risk

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