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A turn in Chess is known as a "Move" ~ see related link below for a list of chess terms .

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Q: What is a chess turn called?
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Can you skip in chess?

You can not skip your move in chess. You always have to move when it is your turn. If you have no legal moves in chess and it is your turn, the game is a stalemate.

Who is know as the king of chess?

upgrading in chess also called queening even though you can upgrade to knight bishop it is the oppents turn when he is "queened"

What is the function in knight in chess?

Essentially the Knight in chess will turn the flank of your opponent .

In chess is their a queen or a minister?

In the game of chess there is a chess piece called the Queen.

What is a top chess player called?

Top chess player called "Grandmaster"

What is a bad move in chess called?

A bad move in chess is called a "blunder".

What is the end of chess game called?

The end of a chess game is called the 'endgame.'

What was the first computer that could play chess called?

The first chess computer that could play chess was called Deep Blue.

Can you not take your turn In chess?


Can you forfeit your turn in chess?

No. turn may be forfeited in chess. Many great endings in chess games are created by forcing the other player into making a move he or she does not want to make, because it will put him or her in a weaker position.

What is 10 minutes chess called?

A ten minute chess game is a blitz game of chess.

What is the world champion of chess called?

Chess World Champion

Why is the ninth chapter in the book frindle called chess?

Why is the 9th chapter in the book frindle called chess?

What is half of a chess set called?

one half of a chess board

When in check can you reside in chess?

Absolutely! As long as it is your turn, you may resign at any point during a chess game.

Who is the father of chess?

Steinitz is considered the Father of Modern Chess because he is the first chess master who understood that the game has certain barriers to creativity which, in turn, led to the development of chess logic and methods. i hope this is right

Can you take two pieces in one turn in chess?


What is a corner chess piece called?

when you say corner chess piece, do u mean the piece tht starts in the four corners of the chess board, if so then that is called a rook.

What do you call a draw in chess?

A draw in chess is called a "Stalemate" .

What is the informal name for a rook in chess?

In India ( that is where chess was made) it is called an elephant.

What is pat in chess?

Pat means stalemate in Chess. Stalemate is a situation in chess where the player whose turn it is to move is not in check but has no legal moves. A stalemate ends the game in a draw.

Do you say checkmate before your turn in chess?

Never .. Ever

What is a defeat called in chess?


What is it called to Beat at Chess?


What is a draw in chess called?