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Challenges in tennis include: placing a shot were you want it, know what the oppenents shot might be, reacting to a oppenents shot.

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Q: What is a challenge in tennis?
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When was Al Habtoor Tennis Challenge created?

Al Habtoor Tennis Challenge was created in 1999.

Why did Henry VII play tennis?

to challenge people

When was Virtua tennis first released?

Virtua Tennis was first released by Sega AM-3 in 1999. The latest version, released in 2012, was called Virtua Tennis Challenge. It was designed to work on the Android and iOS platforms.

Why do American football and tennis players get to challenge referee calls but other sports don't?

Footballers Cant Challenge A referee's Decision. If he does and gets Carried away with it the player receives a booking! And In tennis its simply too keep the game fair. Like Now there is reviews in Cricket!

Do they reply the point in tennis if they win a challenge?

Depends on what the call was. If your opponent hits the ball and they call it good, you challenge it and it really was out, you automatically win the point. If it really was in, they get the point. If you hit the ball and its called out, you challenge it, and it was in, the point is replayed. If it really was out, you lose the point.

What is harder tennis or dancing?

Both sports require skill, technique, and endurance. I think you would have a challenge doing either.

Does tennis have a judge?

In professional tennis -- such as the grand slam opens -- there are line judges who call the balls out, and the players also can challenge calls, in which case they use the computer replay to determine where the ball hit. In lower levels of tennis, such as high school tennis, the calls are made by the players, and in case of disagreement there is usually a redo of the point.

What doubles tennis player played a challenge alone over twenty five years ago?

umm i think it was yo mama

What is the highest score possible on the table tennis return challenge on Wii Sports Resort?

200 points is the highest, I've done it before. I've Seen someone on YouTube have a video where they got a score of 645. I'm not making this up they really got a 645 score on Table Tennis return challenge The highest score you can get in Wii Sports Resort: Table Tennis Return is this... "999 Points!" :O

How many matches were they in the the real tennis championship held in 1740?

Real Tennis predates organised Lawn Tennis by nearly 100 years. The Real Tennis championship is not a tournament as that it is held on a challenge basis.A player can challenge the reigning champion,who can decline or accept any challenge.So in 1840,there was in fact only 1 match which was won by a Frenchman,known as Clerge the Elder,who thus became World Champion. The current world champion is Robert Fahey,an Australian,who won his 10th straight championship in Melbourne in April 2010

In Tennis what should the receiver do if he or she is unable to determine whether a ball is good or just outside?

He or she may challenge it to the chair umpire if challenges are available...

Has technology effect tennis negatively?

The only real glitch in the technology used in tennis is that hawk-eye ball tracking does not always get the calls right if a player makes a challenge if they think a ball was still in if called out or vice versa.

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