What is a challenge in sport?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Sometimes when a coach sees something in a critical play that the refs do not, the coach can throw a red flag signaling that he wants the play to be reviewed. The refs will take a few minutes and take a real good look at the play. They may even over turn the call in the coachs favor. coachs only have two challenges per half, or four challenges in the game. they cannot challenge plays within the two minute warnings of each half. critical plays within the two minutes are looked at by the officials.

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Challenges in tennis include: placing a shot were you want it, know what the oppenents shot might be, reacting to a oppenents shot.

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It is a term in football that means a coach question's a ref's call and wants it overruled.

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Q: What is a challenge in sport?
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