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Q: What is a blood replacement in rugby?
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Does the temporary replacement rule apply when a 'blood bin' takes place in rugby league?

No. In Rugby League, you have 12 interchanges from the four players on the bench. Blood bins count towards your 12. No ifs, no buts, no arguments and no joke shop blood capsules.

Is the blood of rugby real?


Who has Most tests played as replacement for springbok rugby?

hmmm, I dont no maybe... something!

How soon after hip replacement surgery can I donate blood?

blood plasma donation after total hip replacement

What is the medical term meaning replacement of blood from another person?

Blood transfusion

Is there roll on roll off subs in rugby?

No. The subs are brought on for position replacements which is sometimes tactical as well as using "fresh legs". However, Rugby is one of the few sports that has "Blood Substitutions". these are used when a player is, as the name suggests a bleeding injury. the referee will stop the clock/match and ask for the injured player to be taken off and a replacement (normally for that position) to replace them until the wound can be stitched, stapled and covered to prevent further blood loss.

What is a blood bin?

A blood bin is a temporary substitution in a rugby match for a player who is visibly bleeding to receive first-aid treatment.

Are there rugby cleats?

Cleats are normally plastic and moulded to the boot sole there are normally 6 to 8 depending on the make of the boot. The normal rugby boot will have aluminium studs which screw in for replacement and these boots carry 6 to 10 studs

What List of different colors of intravenous fluid?

Orange - Trauma, Rapid blood transfusion, Surgery1 Gray - Rapid fluid replacement, Trauma, Rapid blood transfusion1 Green - Rapid fluid replacement, Trauma, Rapid blood transfusion1

Is it true that organization is replacement of a blood clot by granulation tissue?


How many replacement players are you allowed in junior rugby league?

from under 6-12 you can have basically unlimited (7) but under 13 and above only 4

What are New zealand's favorite sports?

Rugby, rugby, rugby, rugby, rugby, rugby and some cricket.