What is a birdie made of?

Updated: 12/22/2022
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Q: What is a birdie made of?
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What are the lyrics to bye bye birdie?

Birdie Birdie, sitting on my shelf, Birdie Birdie, falling off my shelf, Birdie Birdie hitting the floor, Birdie Birdie is no more

If you score 4 on a par 5 hole in golf you have made a what?

A birdie.

What nicknames does Birdie Sawyer go by?

Birdie Sawyer's birth name is Fredrick Sawyer.

Birdie was going where in the Play Bye Bye Birdie?

In the play Bye Bye Birdie, Conrad Birdie is leaving to go into the Army.

What is the official name for a birdie?

In golf, it is a birdie. In badminton, the birdie is officially called a "shuttlecock".

What is the thing that you hit the triangle with called?

A Birdie ka ka ka ka like a birdie...birdie

What are sayings in the sport of badminton?

Watch the Birdie! Watch the Birdie!

What is the correct term for birdie?

Birdie is the widely accepted term.

When was The Birdie Song created?

The Birdie Song was created in 1981.

When did Birdie Amsterdam die?

Birdie Amsterdam died in 1996.

When was Birdie Amsterdam born?

Birdie Amsterdam was born in 1901.

When was Birdie Try created?

Birdie Try was created in 1988.