What is a billiard?

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A billiard is a shot in billiards or snooker in which the cue ball strikes two other balls. It also refers to a cardinal number, 10 to the power of 15, or one thousand billion.

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Q: What is a billiard?
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What is a billiard room?

A billiard room is a room in a house or other building in which there is a billiard table.

How many millions are in billiard?

A billiard is not a number

Name of a billiard shot?

A billiard shot is a carom

How do you spell billiard?

The word is spelled billiard, just as you spelled it. The billiard ball rolled smoothly to the corner pocket.

When was The Billiard Ball created?

The Billiard Ball was created in 1967.

What the singular of billiards?

The word billiards, though plural in form, is singular in meaning. There is no such thing as a billiard. You can refer to a billiard ball or a billiard table, but in those constructions the word billiard is an adjective, not a noun.

Who are the most popular Filipino billiard players?

the filipino players known in the field of billiard are Efren "bata" Reyes,known as "The Magician".He became the "World Billiard Champion".Another filipino billiard player,Renato Alcano from Laguna,became the "World Billiard Champion" in 2006.______________________________________________________________

When was Seven Billiard Tables created?

Seven Billiard Tables was created in 2007.

When did Harry Billiard die?

Harry Billiard died on 1923-06-23.

When was Harry Billiard born?

Harry Billiard was born on 1883-11-11.

How was the billiard ball discovered?

The billiard ball was not discovered but evolved. The evolution has been described as taking place in both France and in Italy. Both Italy and France had billiard tables, and of course, billiard balls, in the 1400's.

Sample of a Solicitation letter for a billiard tournament?

sample solicitation letter for billiard tournament

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