What is a bike jockey strap?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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A bike jockey strap is another term for a jockstrap - an athletic supporter worn by men to support the genitals during strenuous exercise.

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Perhaps a Reim

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Q: What is a bike jockey strap?
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What is the click thing on the strap of a bike helmet?

Probably just a buckle to close or adjust the strap.

How do you attach your skateboard to your bag?

well..... first you should open the straps and place you skateboard inbetween then you close the strap so your top truck is on top of the strap and you bottom truck is under the strap that is how to strap your board to a backpack =)

How do you attach a bike trailer?

First, Determine what type of bike trailer hitch system you have. There are quick-release skewers and fixed-nut attachments. The quick-release skewer is just a squeeze clamp and strap that attaches around the bike seat post. The fixed-nut attachment is a horizontal hole through the trailer hitch that will bolt to the rear bike wheel. Second, Unscrew the nut holding on the rear tire. This is necessary for the fixed-nut attachment bike trailer hitches. Third, Slide the fixed-nut attachment trailer hitch over the rear wheel bolt protruding through the bike frame. Screw the nut back on tightly. Fourth, Wrap the strap around the bike seat post under the bike seat. This is necessary for the quick-release skewer bike trailer hitches. Lastly, Squeeze the clamp on the quick-release skewer. Feed the strap back through the quick-release skewer on the bike trailer. Release the clamp on the quick-release skewer. Pull the strap tight.

How do I attach a garmin gps to my bike?

To attach a garmin gps to your bike, you need to buy the gps, make sure it works, sync it to your location, and then simply strap it on with some sort of powerful device.

What is rear bike rack used for?

It's used to carry stuff on the bike with, either as a platform to hang dedicated panniers from, or simply as a place to strap whatever that can fit on the bike to. You can also use it to give someone else a ride, but that might be illegal and will put a huge strain on the bike.

How do you make a rocket like the one Top Gear had on a bike in their video- Rocket-powered bicycle - Speed - BBC?

You build a rocket and strap it on

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the feminine gender of a jockey is Jockey Rice! :D

What is the plural for jockey?

the feminine gender of a jockey is Jockey Rice! :D

If you Shoulder bag and you want to cycle to school with it what should you do?

Shoulder bags aren't that suitable for bike riding, they tend to swing around and get in the way. Either use a messenger bag or one of those one-strap backpacks - they both come with a waist strap that can keep the bag in place against your back as you ride. Another option is to get a bike basket, or a rack, or maybe a pannier. Bike basket goes on your handle bar, dump the bag inside - fast and easy. Rack goes behind your saddle, depending on the size of your bag it might be possible to simply strap it to the rack. With rack and pannier you basically get a bike-mounted bag to stuff your bag in. If you want to be trendy you can get something called a messenger rack/ porteur rack. It's a shallow platform that goes onto the front of the bike and an excellent place to strap a shoulder bag. Good for pizza to go as well.

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Disk Jockey Disk Jockey

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The fuse box is behind the glove box (jockey box). Open the glove box and take it out by releasing strap on the right side. Pull glove box out and there is yours fuse box