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A bat (animal) is a nocturnal animal that eats thousands of insects. The other kind of bat is a Baseball bat, which is a metal or wooden (ash, oak, maple) object used to hit a baseball.

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Q: What is a bat?
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Is the baseball term at bat or at the bat?

its at bat

Is a bat a bat?

Yep, it's a bat.

What kills a bat?

a bat can kill another bat

What part of speech is the word bat?

Bat can be a noun as in the flying creature or a bat you hit something with. Bat can also be a verb, as it to bat a ball. Using both forms, you can bat a ball with a bat.

What is in mammoth cave?

Indiana bat , Gray bat , Little brown bat, Big brown bat, and the Eastern Pipistrelle bat

What are the names of five species of bat?

Fruit bat Horse shoe bat Vampire bat Pipistrelle bat Flying fox

As of 2006 which is believed to be the smallest flying mammal Bumblebee Bat Pollen Bat Butterfly Bat or Ant Bat?

bumblebee bat

What is the smallest bat species?

The smallest bat is the bumble bee bat a.k.a the kitty's hog nosed bat is the smallest bat.

Is the red bat a mega or micro bat?

It is a Micro bat

Who is Lady Bat?

An androgynous bat demon with bat wings.

What bat is the most dangerous?

poisonous bat,vampire bat?

Is bat man a bat?

No he is not

What type of bat is a whiskered bat micro or mega bat?

The type of bat that is a whiskered bat is a micro bat. They are often found around human habitation, and around water.

What are the characteristics of the fruit bat?

the fruit bat is a fruit bat animals called bat they live in palawan

What is a dog bat?

A dog bat is a bat that looks like a dog.

What is the worst baseball bat in the world?

the worst bat is the worth bat

Is a little brown bat a bat?

Yes it is a bat. It is small and furry.

Is a bat drop 8 lighter than a bat drop 10?

it depends what length the bat is. if you have a 30in. 20oz bat and a 31in. 19oz bat then no.

Which type of baseball bat will make the ball go farther a wooden bat or an aluminum bat?

wood bat

How does the aluminum bat hit farther?

With an aluminum bat the ball jumps better off of the bat then with a wooden bat.

How many meanings for the word bat?

Bat as in the animal that lives in caves. And Bat as in a baseball bat. Hope I helped. :)

Is the silver haired bat a micro-bat?

The silver haired bat is not a micro-bat, but a medium sized bat. Silver haired bats are classified as microchiroptera.

Is bat and bat a homophone?

Yes. It is actually it's a homonym Bat: I play baseball Bat: A bat lives in a cave because they hate the dark, that is not true

Which bat hits a baseball harder a wodden bat or a metal bat?

a metal bat because its got a better grip so you can hold the bat harder

What is faster bat or a bird?