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A rebound in Basketball is when a player gets the ball after a missed shot. Usually taller players will have an advantage when it comes to getting rebounds so they will average more rebounds per game. There are two types of rebounds, offensive and defensive. A defensive rebound is a rebound that you get after an opponent misses a shot and an offensive rebound is a rebound a player gets after one of his teammates misses a shot.

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Q: What is a basketball rebound?
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What is a board in basketball?

a rebound

What is a carom in basketball?

A rebound

What do you call the recovery of a basketball shot that bounces off a rim or backboard?

a rebound

What does reb stand for in the stats of basketball?


In basketball what is a board?

A board is another word for rebound

What is a dead ball rebound in basketball?

after a free throw (which is a dead ball situation) if they miss the basket and you catch 'the rebound'

What are basketball transition points?

points made from a defensive rebound

What are skills in basketball?

the fundementals: dribble, shoot, steal, rebound

Who holds the rebound record in college basketball?

Tom Gola

OFF means what in a basketball stats line?

Offensive Rebound

What is it called when you acquire the ball after a missed shot in basketball?

A rebound.

When one player grabs the ball after a missed shot in basketball what does it called?

When one player grabs the ball after a missed shot in basketball it is called a rebound. The offensive orÊdefensive player can get a rebound.

What is a rebound in basketball?

regaining possession of the ball following a missed shot

What is an 'outlet' in basketball?

A person you can pass to down court after securing a rebound.

What does rebound mean in basketball?

......... it means to get the ball after it hits the backbord or rim

In basketball what's slang for aggressively going after a rebound?

Bang The Boards

What are the most greatest things basketball players do?

score, rebound, win

What does reb stand for in college basketball?

The abbreviation reb stands for rebound.

What is a sentence that uses the word rebound?

I got the most rebounds at my basketball game.

What is it called when a player in basketball controls the possesion of the ball after a missed shot?

A rebound.

Give five examples of motion in daily life?

Here's one Basketball- When you jump for a rebound for the basketball you're in motion

What does the center have to do in a basketball game?

The center in a basketball game should post up, rebound the ball, play defense, and score.

What is the college basketball single game rebound record?

37 by Elvin Hayes - 1968

What is the recovering of a shot that bounces off the backboard or the rim in basketball called?


What if your team mate shoots the basketball she misses and you come up with the ball first what is this known as in basketball?

That's called a offensive rebound.