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When a player shoots the ball and it goes through the net it scores 2 points unless he is shooting from behind the 3 point arc. In that case it scores 3 points. Shots from the free-throw line (charity stripe) score 1 point.

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Q: What is a basket scored from the floor in basketball?
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Who scored the first basket in NBA history?

On November 1, 1946, Ossie Schectman scored the first basket in the first game for the Basketball Association of America. The Basketball Association of America expanded in 1949 and became known as the National Basketball Association. So Ossie Schectman is credited with having scored the first basket in NBA history.

What is the result in basketball if a basket is scored when play has resumed but the clock never started?

the basket would not count

What did they use for a basketball when they first started playing?

They used to use a soccer ball as the basketball and a peach basket as the basket the referee would have to climb up and get the soccer ball out of the basket each time someone scored.

What is the ring on the floor under the basket in basketball?

10 foot

When a basket is scored in basketball where does the game restart?

from the base line (the wall behind the hoop)

What purpose does a basketball serve?

As the object with which basket ball is played and by means of which goals are scored.

How many feet is the basket off the floor in basketball?

10 ft

Who scored the first basket ever into the peach basket hung by James Naismith in the first basketball game?

William Chase it was from 25 ft away and the games only basket.

What happens when the basketball goes up through the basket?

Nothing, no points are scored for any team!

How is the egg hits the floor different from the basketball hits the floor?

Egg's outer surface is rigid whereas the surface of basket ball is elastic in nature. So basket ball bounces but egg gets broken when they hit the floor.

When did basketball jump ball after every made basket end?

1938: The center jump after every basket scored was eliminated. That led to more continuous play.

Who scored the first basket on the parquet floor at the Boston Garden?

A Neponset boy named Tommy "Tucker" Muldoon !!

4 What happens after a basket has been scored?

1. What happens after a basket has been scored?

How many feet from the floor is a basketball basket in college?

10 feet for Junior High on up through NBA

What happened when a team scored during the first basketball games?

The game was stopped so someone could retrieve the ball from the peach basket.

What was used as the orgininal basket in basketball?

The first basket for basketball used was accutally a peach basket and basketball was invented by a canidian named James Naismith! :)

How many points are scored per basket for basketball?

not sure about college basketball, but the NBA it is 2 points per basket. if the shooter is fouled whilst making the shot he will then have the chance to make a free throw. if the ball goes in the basket then he takes 1 free-throw to make a total of 3 points. if the ball misses the basket then he takes 2 free-throws to make a total of 2 points.

How did basketball get the name basketball?

Because the first basket was a peach basket by Dr James Naismith who invented basketball.

What is the object of basketball?

To score points by putting a ball through the opposition's hoop (know as a basket) that is 10 feet above the floor.

What rules were added or changed in the game of basketball?

Before, a janitor had to retrieve the ball from the basket, but now there is a hole so that the ball can slip out easily when a point is scored.

What is the definion for basketball?

a game played by two teams of usually five players each on a rectangular court having a raised basket or goal at each end, points being scored by tossing the ball through the opponent's basket.

In basketball are you scoring into the opponents basket or your own basket?

your own basket

What was the first basket ball hoop made out of?

The first basketball hoops were peach baskets attached to the walls of the YMCA. This sport was created that way and only one person scored when they played the first basketball game lol

When is a basket made in basketball?

A basket is made when one team player gets the basketball through their hoop.

What kind of basket was first used in basketball?

a peach basket is what they used for a baket when basketball was first invented