What is a basket made out of?

Updated: 8/23/2023
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some kind of rubber but not like a bouncy ball kind of rubber

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the basket is made out of straw.

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Q: What is a basket made out of?
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When is a basket made in basketball?

A basket is made when one team player gets the basketball through their hoop.

What is made of willow?

A basket

How did moses mother make the floating basket?

The basket was made of weeds, and it was waterproofed.

What is mandaya?

The Mandaya basket is cylindrical and is made from rattan. The basket is coated with beeswax so that it will be strong and so that water cannot enter it. This is made from kawayan that makes a curve design of the basket. The Mandaya basket is hung by a braided rope.

What is a sentence for basket?

The basket of fruit looks promising.He was a basket case.Just put the cereal in the basket, Bob.

What is a hot air balloon basket made of?

it is made of wicker

What was James Naismith basketball made out of?

his basket was a fruit basket tied to a ten foot tall pule and the ball was made of coco nuts

When was the first basket ball made?


When a basket is made?

Your question is too vague.

Who made a hanging basket?

Brett Reynolds

A container made of grass or reeds?


What does 'smoked it' mean in basketball?

made the basket