What is a base hit in baseball?

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A base hit is known as a single in Baseball.

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Q: What is a base hit in baseball?
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What is a base hit?

A base hit is a hit in the sport of baseball in which the batter safely reaches base.

Two-base hit in baseball?

A two-base hit in baseball is officially named a double.

What is the hit stat in baseball?

It is how many base hits the player has hit.

What is it called when a runner gets to first base in baseball?

Base hit or single.

A three base hit in baseball is called a?


How do you get a foul in baseball?

If you hit the baseball inside the 1st or 3rd base line.

Why is a baseball named baseball?

Well think about the question. Base is what you stand on when get a hit. So that's were you get base in the word baseball. Now the ball is what you hit to get on a base. Now that's were you get ball. Now why they don't call it baseball bat as the offical game is a different question.

Can you get 2 outs in 1 hit in baseball?

yes because if you get a base hit with runers on they may take an extra base and get throw out at where your running to

What is the term for the baseball hit that gets the batter to third base?

a triple

What is a single in baseball?

A single is a hit that allows the batter to get to first base.

2 outs runner on 1st baseball hit to 3rd base where is the throw to?

First base get the easy out

Can hitting the ball harder in baseball get you on base?

The secret to getting on base is to hit the ball where no fielder can easily get to it. How hard you hit the ball is no guarantee of a base hit. Think about the Bunt, or the 'Blooper' hit just over the head of the 2nd baseman.

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