What is a base?

Updated: 9/11/2023
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In chemistry, a base is the opposite of an acid. It has a pH higher than 7. When mixed with an acid it forms a neutral solution with a pH of 7.

acid + base = water + salt.

properties include: bitterness, slimy or soapy, and turns litmus paper blue.


A base is also an article on which something stands or a military installation.


In sports, a base is one of four plaques fixed to the ground (or other object designated for this function) that must be touched by a runner, without being touched by the ball that is in play, before he or she can score a point in the game.
Base: a substance which when added to water produces hydroxide ions [OH-].

Base Properties: When dissolved in water, bases Conduct electricity Change red litmus to blue Have a slippery feeling React with acids to neutralize their properties."

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A base is something from which other things extend, a foundation or starting point, a place at which decisions are made, a form of cosmetic foundation, or any of a class of water-soluble compounds which turn red litmus blue, and which react with acids to form salts.

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A substance that increases the concentration of oh- ions in solution

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Q: What is a base?
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