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A ballerina is a dancer that performs all of the beautiful moves of Ballet.

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A ballerina is a female ballet dancer, or the star female ballet dancer in a company.

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Q: What is a ballerina?
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What is a star ballerina called?

The highest level is Prima Ballerina Assolute, then is Prima Ballerina

What is ballerina assolute?

It is the highest "ranking" for a ballerina.

What is a top ballerina called?

She is known as a prima ballerina.

When is national hug a ballerina day?

its when you have 2 hug a ballerina

What is higher than a prima ballerina?

prima ballerina assoluta

When was Ballerina - song - created?

Ballerina - song - was created in 1947.

When was Ballerina Stakes created?

Ballerina Stakes was created in 1979.

When was Albino Ballerina created?

Albino Ballerina was created in 1992.

When was Angelina Ballerina created?

Angelina Ballerina was created in 2002.

What is the correct height for a ballerina?

well,a ballerina can be tall or short but a correct height of a ballerina is 5'4 and above.That what my bfff said as shes in ballerina while im dojo and karate

Where can you buy a Ballerina Fish?

The ballerina fish are not real species of fish. The ballerina fish was a painting done by Hadar Geva.

What do you call the highest ranking ballerina in a ballet company?

The Prima Ballerina.

Who was the first black ballerina?

The First Black Ballerina Was Janet Collins ,

What is the ballerina muscle?

The main musle for a ballerina is the thighs and also the mind.

Who is a famous Australian ballerina?

Olivia Bell is a ballerina with The Australain Ballet! :)

When was Pretty Ballerina created?

Pretty Ballerina was created in 1966-12.

What is the duration of The Little Ballerina?

The duration of The Little Ballerina is 1.02 hours.

When was Cuban Ballerina created?

Cuban Ballerina was created in 2006-03.

What is ballet and ballerina?

Ballet is a type of dance and ballerina is a girl who dances ballet

What hours does a ballerina work?

a ballerina practacies about 5-9 hours for a show

When was Ballerina Girl created?

Ballerina Girl was created on 1986-12-19.

When was The Little Ballerina created?

The Little Ballerina was created on 1948-11-20.

When was The Glass Ballerina created?

The Glass Ballerina was created on 2006-10-11.

What is purina ballerina?

I think you might mean "Prima" ballerina. She would be the second highest level ballet dancer. Prima Ballerina Assoluta is the highest.

How do you use ballerina in a sentence?

The word ballerina is a noun, a woman who performs the classical dance, ballet. Example sentence: Nobody likes a snotty ballerina. The ballerina was very excited to perform in the dance recital the following night.