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An attack in Volleyball is an overhead hit, such as a hit by an Outside or a back row attack.

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Q: What is a attack in volleyball?
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What does attack mean in volleyball?

In volleyball, attack means to hit, or spike the ball.

Can you attack a serve in Volleyball?

No, you are not allowed to attack or block a serve in volleyball. If you did, you would give a point to the other team.

What is the attack in volleyball?

An attack in volleyball is when you are going up to hit a spike off of a set or a bump. This hit can also be known as a kill.

Is there an attack line in beach volleyball?


What is a nothername for attack in volleyball?

A spike

What is the attack line in volleyball?

3 meters

What is an attack hit in Volleyball?

an attack hit in volley ball is when you spike the ball over and did it right from the attack line aggressively!!

What is an attack in volleyball?

An attack in volleyball is when a person hits the ball, sometimes called a spiker or hitter. This is when a person hits the ball from the front row or back row. It is like a serve but it is during game play. An attack usually occurs on the third touch of the ball.

In US high school can you use your feet to attack a volleyball?


Where is the attack line in volleyball?

It is 10 feet away from the net.

What is the definition for dig in volleyball?

Passing a ball from an attack or spike

What is a three touch attack in volleyball?

Bump, set, then spike.

what are the fundamental skills of volleyball?

serve, pass, set, attack, block and dig

What are the volleyball court parts?

net,sideline,attack line, and baseline

In volleyball the attack line is how far from the center line?

10 feet

How far is the attack line from the center line in volleyball?

10 feet

What is the term kill in volleyball?

An attack that results in an immediate point or side out.

What is attack in volleyball?

An attack is also called a spike or hit. It involves hitting the ball at a downward angle after approaching the net.

How far is the attack line on the volleyball court is how far from the center line?

The attack line is 10 feet from the center line.

Is it a volleyball attack error when the player attempts to hit the ball and misses it?

yes it is

What is the purpose of the attack line in volleyball?

Well.... it scores the points, most of the time.

What does attack line mean in volleyball?

The front hitters and the ten-foot line

What is attack zone in volleyball game?

the front row can attack anywhere, but the the back row can only hit behind the 10-foot line

What is the 10' line for in volleyball?

attack line that separates the front court from the back court

What is the importance of the dig during game play in volleyball?

The dig is one of the most important things in the terms of volleyball because without a successful dig, there can be no set and opposing attack.