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The traveling violation occurs when person throws ball on the court and another player receives it and moves both feet without dribbling the ball.

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Q: What is a Travel violation in high school basketball on inbounds pass?
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What is 8 second violation in basketball?

An 8 second violation in the NBA is the same as a 10 second violation in college and high school basketball. An 8 second violation is called when the offense doesn't get the ball across halfcourt within 8 seconds.

What is the difference between an 8 and a 10 second violation in basketball?

in the NBA there is a 8 sec backcourt violation but in boys college and jr/sr high school it is 10 secs

What are the top ten rules of basketball?

hi i am doing basketball at school the most important rule is you cannot travel (run with the ball) i hope this helped................ :)

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What is a lane or key violation in basketball?

A lane violation is when a player tries to get a rebound before the ball gets to touch the rim during a free throw (high school rules). A key violation or "3 in the key" is when a player (offensive player or defensive player) is under the basket (known as the "paint") for more than 3 seconds.

Are you in violation of stepping over the inbound line while throwing the basketball when you are on the line or over the line in high school rules?

Technically it's over the line but it's rarely called.

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Do you have to be tall to play in high school basketball?

You don't have to be any height to play in high school basketball, or any basketball.

What is the size of a middle school basketball?

The size of a middle school basketball is 29.5 inches.

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How do you become a Letterman in high school basketball?

To letter you must make your school's varsity basketball team.

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