What is a OLB football?

Updated: 10/23/2022
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In football, OLD stand for Outside Linebacker.

There are two types of Outside Linebackers:Right Outside Linebacker, ROLB and the Left Outside Linebacker, LOLB

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Q: What is a OLB football?
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What is the position OLB in football?

That would be the Outside Line Backer on the Defensive Team.

Are their skilled positions on defense in football?

Yes: SS, CB, MLB, OLB, basically anything other then the d linemen

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Who is the chess player in the Geico commercial?

Brian Orakpo OLB for the Washington Redskins

Who wears number 57 on the Green Bay Packers?

57 Jamari Lattimore OLB

What is a place where football is played called?

Offense Wide Receiver (WR) Left Guard (RG) Left Tackle (LT) Center (C) Right Tackle (RT) Right Guard (RG) Quarterback (QB) Running Back/Tailback/Halfback (RB,TB,HB) Fullback (FB) Defense Left Defensive End (DE) Defensive Tackle (DT) Defensive Tackle (DT) Right Defensive End (DE) Outside Linebacker (OLB) Middle Linebacker (MLB) Outside Linebacker (OLB) Strong Safety (SS) Free Safety (FS) Special Teams Placekicker (K) Punter (P)

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MLB: Karlos Dansby and Gerald Hayes OLB: Chike Okeafor and Clark Haggans

Name the starting defense for the Super Bowl champion Chicago Bears?

Steve McMichael, DT William Perry, DT Richard Dent, DE Dan Hampton, DE Wilber Marshall, OLB Otis Wilson, OLB Mike Singletary, MLB Leslie Frazier, CB Mike Richardson, CB Gary Fencik, FS Dave Duerson, SS

What college football position should you play if your 5'10 270 pounds?

Well considering your height I would either say defensive end or outside linebacker depending on how fast you are.

Who is better James Harrison or Patrick willis?

Hard to say, but their pretty equal. Harrison is a OLB and Willis is a MLB. They have different roles and responsibilities, both are arguably the best at their respective position

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