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In football, OLD stand for Outside Linebacker.

There are two types of Outside Linebackers:Right Outside Linebacker, ROLB and the Left Outside Linebacker, LOLB

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Q: What is a OLB football?
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What is olb in football?

Outside linebacker

What does olb mean in football?

outside linebacker

What position is OLB stand for in football?

outside linebacker

What is the position OLB in football?

That would be the Outside Line Backer on the Defensive Team.

What position should you play in college football if you are 6 foot and 230 lbs?


Are their skilled positions on defense in football?

Yes: SS, CB, MLB, OLB, basically anything other then the d linemen

What is the average weight for a college football linebacker?

I play OLB and i am 6' 2 and i weigh 234 lbs i can bench press 368 and milatry 210

What football position should you play if your 13 5'9 and you weigh 160 pounds?

In my opinion, OLB, SS, HB if your fast enough, and maybe Inside LB

What football position should I play I am 132lbs 5' 9 bench 215 squat 400 and clean 185?

DB- corner, safety add on a little weight, you would be a great olb.

What is the most fun position in madden 09 superstar mode?


Who is the chess player in the Geico commercial?

Brian Orakpo OLB for the Washington Redskins

Who wears number 57 on the Green Bay Packers?

57 Jamari Lattimore OLB

Who is number 51 of the Buffalo Bills?

Chris White, OLB, wears number 51 for the Bills.

How olb is SpongeBob?

he is 8 years old

Who are the Arizona Cardinals linebackers?

MLB: Karlos Dansby and Gerald Hayes OLB: Chike Okeafor and Clark Haggans

What is the best football defense to stop the run?

The 5-3 defense would be the best way to defend against the run without sacrificing pass coverage. Either a cover 2 or a cover 1 coverage scheme would be best, and if playing in a youth league man-to-man cover 1 is the best and most simple. The 2 d-ends would be in a 2-point stance with the nose in a 4-point. Bot DT's would be in a 3-point with all linebackers in 2 point stances. FS acts as a safety net and Corners play bump n run man-to-man -------------------------------------------------FS -------------------------------------OLB-------MLB-------OLB ------C---------------------DE------DT---------N---------DT------DE--------------------------C-------

What are all the football places?

Offense Wide Receiver (WR) Left Guard (RG) Left Tackle (LT) Center (C) Right Tackle (RT) Right Guard (RG) Quarterback (QB) Running Back/Tailback/Halfback (RB,TB,HB) Fullback (FB) Defense Left Defensive End (DE) Defensive Tackle (DT) Defensive Tackle (DT) Right Defensive End (DE) Outside Linebacker (OLB) Middle Linebacker (MLB) Outside Linebacker (OLB) Strong Safety (SS) Free Safety (FS) Special Teams Placekicker (K) Punter (P)

Who is better James Harrison or Patrick willis?

Hard to say, but their pretty equal. Harrison is a OLB and Willis is a MLB. They have different roles and responsibilities, both are arguably the best at their respective position

Who did the San Diego Chargers draft first in 2012 NFL draft?

The San Diego Chargers selected OLB Melvin Ingram from South Carolina with their first pick in the 2012 NFL draft.

Who is the smallest offensive or defensive lineman in college or pro football?

On average, the defensive ends (DE) are the lightest linemen. They need speed more than mass. That applies to both college and the pros. You will get an occasional DE that weighs a lot more than average. They are usually on 3-4 defensive schemes. These guys don't really meet the definition of defensive end, as the outside linebacker (OLB) performs their function (outside contain).

Can you play defensive end if your 5 foot 4 and weight 140 pounds on a JV high school football team?

No that is probaly to small for even a stand up defensive end. Recomended height and weight for a jv defensive end is 5'10+ and 165+. I would know im a jv de at 6'2 and 190. However you could still try out olb, db, or hybrid/strong safety, if you want to still get a piece of the action.

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Name the starting defense for the Super Bowl champion Chicago Bears?

Steve McMichael, DT William Perry, DT Richard Dent, DE Dan Hampton, DE Wilber Marshall, OLB Otis Wilson, OLB Mike Singletary, MLB Leslie Frazier, CB Mike Richardson, CB Gary Fencik, FS Dave Duerson, SS

How does football relate to football?

Because football and football relate to each other because football is like football because in football a ball you kick with your foot (football) is used in both football and football.

What do you call a person who likes football?

A football fan.

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